Two Patsy’s and banks

Patsy Sue Brown of Wolf town Virginia and Patsy of Calmer,Iowa. Swell friends both. Patsy Sue my first non TV star my first out of closet crush. When you come out of the closet you are unsure until you touch a lesbian butch first touch a real woman. Patsy sue really,Really was a woman sheContinue reading “Two Patsy’s and banks”

Two things just two

This week I ate pizza at a new resteraunt in Ossian Iowa.A mom and pop resteraunt.The food was not fast but good and at a descent price. The resteraunt was large . My adopted sister Pat had 2 pieces and I had two with four each remaining. The pieces were not uniformly cut. In factContinue reading “Two things just two”

How, no more and Where’d you hear that?

How: Find employment in the city I want to work out of so I can get a vehical. I put in goggle Praire du Chien Wisconsin.I want to live in Allamakee County. Funny the poorest county in Iowa families there sure they don’t talk to me or they can not talk to mom.Why because myContinue reading “How, no more and Where’d you hear that?”


Funny saw a quack yesterday who saw nothing wrong still my lyphnodes are swollen. I cough all night,can’t breath. I need an ajustment unfortunate what the one I ate first thought was a doctor just a nurse says its allergies. Wrong, wrong! When I cough I feel as if I’m gut punched. The gut puntchingContinue reading “Chiropractic”

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