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Sleepie Head

Wow I was warn out, Saw a marvelous, True, sensational, Movie at my little sister’s last night, It was gay, Tremendous, From the eighties Kinky , That’s right I saw ‘Kinky Boots,’ From Jolly ole England, America would would have never backed a young man simply trying to save his family business, Or the storyContinue reading “Sleepie Head”

Seven or nearly sixty-five

Three months and twenty days, I’m never going to be one of those old ladies, Died twice in two fourteen, I had no choice in returning or not, But I will next time, My youngest nephews all I got, That’s right no family! Two years since Ellen’s memorial, I need to do what needs toContinue reading “Seven or nearly sixty-five”

The gang and I

I sat to eat two ham and mustard sandwiches, The gang six menacing purrer’s set to taunt, I got mustard vie yelling my PTSD gets agitated then a slide of meat I gave up for my dad’s mom but was on sale yesterday ham, Chester nailed me with a sixth month orange cat nail, SoContinue reading “The gang and I”

Ice cream and Miss Emily

Today Kwik Star the convince store slash gas station in Independence Iowa was having a sale on gallons of milk, and ice cream half gallons. I question that any half gallon is any longer. the bottom of the box is raised up creating a lip. The lip gives the half gallon the illusion of depth.Continue reading “Ice cream and Miss Emily”


Like a crime, Like a human, Like an accident, Cow or cats, All heads turn, Listening, Watching, All kitties seeking to be apart of whatever? Cows and horses and sheep all look up, Silly humans talk to, Its a hoot!

Strawberry shakes

All my life thoughts of ice cream, Mom’s ice fream bars, Rice cripies made with peanut butter, Flatten in a pan, Then vanilla ice cream on top, Another layer of rice crisipies on top, Best garsh darn ice cream bars ever, Or dad’s way ice crean in bowl with stuff on top, Till my girlContinue reading “Strawberry shakes”