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Dinner on plastic

Do you eat on plastic? Do you eat well? Seeking work I can do without crippling pain, See I can’t eat on government plastic if $2.19, Poverty level in Iowa is above $28,000, I never in nearly sixty-five years made that, Went back to chase my degree at fifty, Was struck by a ninety-three yearContinue reading “Dinner on plastic”



T.P. That’s all Independence, Iowa Food bank gives out! Causes me to ponder, Iowa food stamp program instead of patting me on the back for trying to survive by selling my books and living on less then nine hundred a month after Covid-19 my food stamps went down to thirty dollars, Some months I makeContinue reading “One”

Eleven thirty-four

November twenty-third twenty twenty-two , Down from Fifty-one to thirty-eight, Was a lovely intoxication day, I sat in my car texted Canada, Did two YouTube Video’s, Decided all job sites are damn liars, Company run by liars, Pissed, Fed up! People on end of lines need to understand English, Being asked if interested in college,Continue reading “Eleven thirty-four”

Black Wrangler

Brand new black sweat shirt, Fuzzy inside, Made by a terrific company, From Cedar Rapids Iowa Wally World What a swell thing for Penny to do Bought me supper at Pizza Ranch, No senior meal I know they have it, We are not big eaters, For two seniors it cost $38/2, They made money onContinue reading “Black Wrangler”

Sad how life immitates

Copy cats everywhere, Virtual or real life, We see it everyday, This one in particular bothers me a lot, Everybody seems to be copying that you can sell Amazon books online, Books you didn’t write, The idea for the book wasn’t yours, You didn’t publish the book, You don’t even know who wrote it, I’mContinue reading “Sad how life immitates”

Mud slingers

Nothing new, When economy is bad lie wielders emerge from the muck civilization is, First target always fellow or lady in public office, Rumor mongol I heard, FaceBook forces their paid advertiser upon game players, Lets examine Qualitive and Quanitive thought thats out there, Extra also inContinue reading “Mud slingers”

Like fall

Miss so much, Today I sat restful, Watched the trees, Watched the tops, Wondered when Windows will have to close, My goal was Lake Superior this year, The trees never seem alone, The meadows alight with life, A hawk flies high far up in the sky, Garbage truck is just going now, When on timeContinue reading “Like fall”

Feeling unwell

Annoying, All, Human and Critter, We are not so different, My oldest cat needs meds, He has to go toll next Monday, I gave him a little Valerian Root, A half a capsule will calm a female in heat, Mr Black is the technical term ooyie, A Val word, After I go potty, Put foodContinue reading “Feeling unwell”

Brilliant Endevour

Online Bookstore Platform, I find so many people acting like the opportunity to have a business and make profit is crimminal, What”s wrong with making an honest buck? So many people are acting like making a sale is like an election, Surely people know Harry Potter is still a book worth more then $2, TwoContinue reading “Brilliant Endevour”

Purchaser/ seller

Your book Gendra’s, Buyer I am, Inventory books, Purchaser to move, Selling inventory markets mine, Purchaser employeed by others, Goals not mine yours, Entrepreneur goal sell and buy books I love, Read some, Sell all, Val’s Whitewolf Media, Matters not site I sell on its not mine, Inventory is