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Hit forty eight

Unsure if that’s that, Let me peek, How funny its to peek at fifty-one, No WIFI still weather app says so, Sure glad my chosen sister got us both more fly strips that day in Amish country, Flies are still unfortunately alive and kicking, Seems odd to me four miles in country I get aContinue reading “Hit forty eight”

Thirty-nine at seven twenty-two am

Wow, Wow! Wow, Startling, Like a yummy dark haired vixen, With thighs and shapely legs, Not like today’s young women who believe assets need more bounce, This is hot for northern Iowa this late in the year, Last December on the eighteenth it was in the forties today its scheduled to too that, The eighteenthContinue reading “Thirty-nine at seven twenty-two am”

Dark six twenty-five

Sophie’s cuddly, Chester slept front of home, October twenty-forth three days, Two years ago since my baby sister died, I will always see Ellen’s rise as unfair, To me, Her children, Her grand daughter just five then, Little Mela so much life to live yet, Six months after mom Marian Deloris Bittenger Heike escaped theContinue reading “Dark six twenty-five”

What or who?

If food is Norwegian, Is the food Norwegian because of Norwegian made it? Or is food Norwegian from a ancient recipe that was originated by a Norwegian, Are Asian meatballs Asian because they were made by an Asian? Or is it a million-year-old recipe passed down from mother to child mother to child who areContinue reading “What or who?”

Walk I shall always recall

Strolling to Bear Lake through our woods, In fall Lee Ann removing my slivers, Uncle Norm made the best sling shots, Always used saved inner tubes that no longer floated, The tree house built by cousins and one short time brother in law, John Cook,Robbie and Julie’s dad, How the meadow changed from huge withContinue reading “Walk I shall always recall”

Mom and dad

Dr.L.N. and Marian D.Heike, We’d July 1st,1956, Mom was beautiful, Dad Was tall and good looking, They were married fifty-eight years, Both born in 1927, Dad September 1st, Mom November 4th, I miss you mom, I regret not murdering the woman who destroyed you daily, Soiled dads. Name without allow jim to beat the shitContinue reading “Mom and dad”

Oldest and youngest

Both disappointments, Mother,mom never lied or did harm, Diana a bully narcississ, Ellen mother worried all through high school, Upon Ellen’s seventeenth summer, Ellen came home at two thirty, Mom’smother was visiting, Nana the woman who sucked at rearing Diana to eight years old, Mom loved to sing, Sang Sweet Adeline Spencer,Iowa, Church, Mom sangContinue reading “Oldest and youngest”


Dad’s away, Gone to Texas to see, With his sister he drove, Youngest sons wedding they went, Left his two dogs and cat, Twenty-six year old son to care, If makes brains are grown are twenty-five, Responsibility must be skill earned, His dad and mom had ten children, I was asked to text son nightly,Continue reading “Irresponsible”

Sold a book

Now not just a poet, Or an Empathic poet, Or an out lesbian entrepreneur, I’m also a collector, Sold my first book today, I will have earned part of seven dollars, Like Doc Heike would say, My dad,its money I did not have before, Of course he also said its better then being kicked inContinue reading “Sold a book”


Grow up! See your children parents for people, When your eighty and your children are in their fifties, Parent’s your children are now adults, Parent’s Grow up, My own parents treated other people my age as adults, And me I was always just Val, Respect works both ways,