Having a sale July tenth to witching hour on the twentieth of July

I pay shipping on $30 order or above. So without further ado or elegance! 6/$6 for $30 or 5/$7 books for $30,I like lowered many books so all can find a bargain. Then at three bells {3am} all lowered books will magically like Cinderella’s clothes,pumkin,mice all revert to normal price until Halloween. And another saleContinue reading “Having a sale July tenth to witching hour on the twentieth of July”

Chapter 3,Bolt Hole,Jack Night Walker by Valerie Whitewolf

Bolt hole’s are location sporatically places on properties owned by the a vampire. A bolt hole is designed to hide until the moon rises again.They are private.The security or mechanism that allows the vampire to remain undetective by anyone seeking to cause the individual harm is also very private. Some allow a way to enterContinue reading “Chapter 3,Bolt Hole,Jack Night Walker by Valerie Whitewolf”

Fantastic mysterious mystery with vampires, werewolfs and fairies

True Blood series author. Better as usual book then TV series. https://anchor.fm/vals-whitewolf-media/episodes/Dead-to-the-world-by-Charlaine-Harris-chapter-1-End-as-read-e1c8nvf/PrologueDead-to-the-world-by-Charlaine-Harris-a760cha Dead to the world by Charlaine Harris

Cascading tears

Warm without shape they fall, Empath strolling, Like a resident of Brigadoon, I try not to be in chritian lives more then a smidge, Easy mark, Most like how this brain trauma empath reads, No one can stop me reading my work, I will never get YouTube, Will always love it mostly, I get tiredContinue reading “Cascading tears”

Pierced(Chapter 2,Jacquline Nightwalker)

YouTube {https://youtu.be/KZzE3SLQ__g} As if coming out of a dream from wolf to girl, I recal that. In an instant I stood beside my crumpled youthful self. Mirror but not. I felt an ocean of emotion then none. What has happening? There was an abyst and my tether no longer kept me connected. Darius, my brotherContinue reading “Pierced(Chapter 2,Jacquline Nightwalker)”

Chapter 1-5, My book on Audio”Jacqueline Night Walker” by Val Heike Whitewolf

Chapter 1, Sounds , https://youtu.be/_yjiouA-jco Chapter 2, Pierced, https://youtu.be/KZzE3SLQ__g Chapter 3, First night, https://youtu.be/w9xY5loPEvk Chapter 4a, https://youtu.be/_otY05flOLQ( first is my reading and when this chapter is published I will link that below Chapter 4b) Chapter 4b,

Chapter 5-7c,The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan{Walt Disney}

Fantasy Chapter 5a, https://youtu.be/e0p1Qy3XWtc Chapter 5b,https://youtu.be/0D2do0ai-bA Chapter 6a, https://youtu.be/a59ca-s2_Pw Chapter 6b, https://youtu.be/s_8ivlpuelY Chapter 6c, https://youtu.be/_ySsfALmpA0 Chapter 7a, https://youtu.be/uqYVan1yaAc Chapter 7b, https://youtu.be/LfB4bnW–iE Chapter 7c, https://youtu.be/Rpgkjr2pg1Y

Chapter 8-End of book, Falcondance,book 3,Hawksong by Amelia.Atwater Rhodes, chapter 8- end of book

Fantasy Chapter 8, https://youtu.be/7gBuDvx95ak Chapter 9b, https://youtu.be/kiJ_TSVBp0w Chapter 10a, https://youtu.be/3-XZghLZKf0 Chapter 10b, https://youtu.be/v2VQkHP3XqA Chapter 11, https://youtu.be/gnf3V_tiB18 Chapter 12a, https://youtu.be/hYRZAURwiOk Chapter 12b, https://youtu.be/mB8A7SfGfeY Chapter 13a, https://youtu.be/5wrDaV06usM Chapter 13b, https://youtu.be/xLDnphiqutI Chapter 13c, https://youtu.be/Kfj8p-InmjU Chapter 13d, https://youtu.be/iixerL6NQrw Chapter 14, https://youtu.be/P9llj5lDdg4 Chapter 15a, https://youtu.be/1pSKJGXf038 Chapter 15b, https://youtu.be/fVf44fiS39c Chapter 16a, https://youtu.be/cHWCM-9i1nE Chapter 16b, https://youtu.be/BcNzm6-ivwg Chapter 17, https://youtu.be/urM3QhbSDG4

Chapter 17,Percy Jackson and last Olympian by Rick Riordan

Chapter 14a, https://youtu.be/E6jduoAkd9o Chapter 14b, Chapter14c, https://youtu.be/Jhwjlk92quU Chapter 15a, https://youtu.be/hWtHNe7HPH8 Chapter 15b, https://youtu.be/EGo3NhCCfOg Chapter 15c, https://youtu.be/bSh7TeiJRqs Chapter 15d, https://youtu.be/D6ZHrnD3lvY Chapter 16a, https://youtu.be/yOvjYHO-ZgA Chapter 16b, https://youtu.be/VgIxNPa_Eiw Chapter 16c, https://youtu.be/VRoe6ri3vkU Chapter 17a, https://youtu.be/RB6NXy0DBNk Chapter 17b, https://youtu.be/n3ohekREyl8

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