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Cat mom Not preschool teacher!

Cat mom puts disobedient often in time out three days in row, No screaming, No discomfort, Forth day kitten doesn’t try once to leave the house, Lesson taught and learned, Cat mom uses old crock pot one more time before pot becomes part of garden this year, Two meats placed in small crock pot, DoubleContinue reading “Cat mom Not preschool teacher!”

Theodore the forth

Roddy from the streets, Thinks chewing on me is ok! I seated his noise twice, I feel bad about that, Its hard to teach gentle when he thinks tough works, Tough mean,never works, He whipped a paw earlier, I was glad my dollar glasses were up by my eyes instead of where they normally rest,Continue reading “Theodore the forth”

Best sleeping drug

Cat in my arms, If your seeking an elaborate poem, My pretty ones, This is but a to the point, Elegant and distinct, I hold a kitty, Can fall asleep ready, Tomorrow after the food bank, A lady who found an orange kitten, Has decided the kitten isn’t a keeper, I think all life is,Continue reading “Best sleeping drug”


Plain in Africa, Sounds like my mobile home, Mobile homes stupid name not mobile, Two young males, Loudly proclaiming booty, Not like a pirate, Like a male sniffing for a mate, Eerie sound, Tomorrow they get fixed, No idea how many girlfriends the oldest from Oelwein,Iowa has, Unfortunately only time will tell,

Ceiling fell(b)

Daughter’s best friend and boyfriend arrived from Waterloo, Helped like troopers, Penny’s own daughter could not be bothered to come home to help Penny her own blood mom, Her daughter abandoned Penny like her birth mom an Amish girl nearly sixty years ago, That thought made Penny uncontrollable in anguish, At times Penny reminds meContinue reading “Ceiling fell(b)”

Scared to death

I brought back more soup for me, The little salmon baby had yet to eat, I had left the door closed, Baby kitten safe in the only room warm, ‘No kitten! I scanned the room, ‘No kitten! The door open! Rescanned the closed room! On the edge of ballistics! The same feeling ‘Baby carriage rollingContinue reading “Scared to death”

Other day

When I strode out, I heard a sound, Thought it was my burnt lungs, Was sure I founded like a cat, I strolled to the far side of my porch, Scanned across the yard, There by the back door was that scared white kitten, The one who for twelve hours was under my porch, IContinue reading “Other day”


Lioness hear her roar, Been sleeping in box, My drafty kitchen her momma not happy, So I moved the box back by her momma cat a old beat up chair by the cupboard in the kitchen, This morning at three thirty am, Kitten wasn’t in box by mom, Guess where was? Yep, on the chairContinue reading “Female”

I pick up

I refer to any cat near , Today I spoke with an older woman, We were at Walmart in the pet isle, I got paper towels for my ankles, A bag of cat food and kitty litter and two vanilla Greek yogurts and natural crackers I like just happen to have the box handy ‘triscuitsContinue reading “I pick up”

Everybody screams

Point of death, From littlest rabbit to large horse to human, No spirit releases willingly, I have in sixty five nearly have held my little loves when they would leave me, The pain is incredible, They latch out, They bite, Things they would never do, They look at you in such pain, I hope theyContinue reading “Everybody screams”