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Amish teach

First baby can come anytime, Other babies after that one, Amish girls are not dumb, Or are they, Sex is a loaded gun, Playing with a loaded gun, Knocked up stupid ass term, In Amish community when male leaves marriage bed not like unAmish, Women can’t divorce, Until they die if he still lives theyContinue reading “Amish teach”

Five seventeen

Nearly dark, Still in Oelwein, At a laundry Mat, Washing clothes, No chairs with arms, I’m in my car, Penny’s off for her first of seven in a row, I’m near the aptaduct she says the meth heads come out of to use the bathroom at the laundry mat, I wanted to be home withContinue reading “Five seventeen”


Penny has frostbite on her cheeks, It was forty today, Her car heater doesn’t work, Tomorrow I’m borrowing live traps from Wild Thunder animal rescue and their take Penny’s box turtle. The turtle will have a terrific home , Lots of food and his own light, I’m happy for the turtle not can not helpContinue reading “Frostbite”

Ceiling fell(b)

Daughter’s best friend and boyfriend arrived from Waterloo, Helped like troopers, Penny’s own daughter could not be bothered to come home to help Penny her own blood mom, Her daughter abandoned Penny like her birth mom an Amish girl nearly sixty years ago, That thought made Penny uncontrollable in anguish, At times Penny reminds meContinue reading “Ceiling fell(b)”

Sleepie Head

Wow I was warn out, Saw a marvelous, True, sensational, Movie at my little sister’s last night, It was gay, Tremendous, From the eighties Kinky , That’s right I saw ‘Kinky Boots,’ From Jolly ole England, America would would have never backed a young man simply trying to save his family business, Or the storyContinue reading “Sleepie Head”

So many ducks

Quacking buy, Over head, Are they lost? Or just doing what I like to do amble, Love roads not traveled, Deer standing out in their field, Little twisters on side roads, David Yoder once told me it’s a rain predictor, It occurs because it will be sometime before rain falls, I said my knee isContinue reading “So many ducks”

Pretty good day

Something thought lost wasn’t, Person alive and well, Hates her work because no heat is to cold depressing to survive, Electric heat all money feeds electric company like to unhealthy habit! Only thing friend has for heat is car, Government will not assist because she appears to do well, Fifteen dollars an hour, No breaksContinue reading “Pretty good day”

When a friend vanishes

How do you talk, How do you find our why? How do you know they are well? Were you just being played? Say you knew them for months, They made your life worth, You sleep one night on their couch, That’s it was it real? Did I imagine belonging, Is that the last time IContinue reading “When a friend vanishes”

Amish country

Outside of Oelwein, Iowa, One Amish store nice inside bathroom, On 150, The other Amish store portto potties, I could not with a cane climb in, 150 is best,

Heartbeat a breath away

Honk,honk, Fall surround me, Cats within, Moon full through my den window, We all sit around my electric heater, Sunday night NCIS is on, Makes little difference they are all repeats, Mom and I loved Mark Hammen, Monday night Antique Roadshow, British and American, No phone, Peaceful, Mom and Ellen and beloved and furry petContinue reading “Heartbeat a breath away”