Hark I see Hark you there! Hark says I! Yea me yon poet(in William Shakespear) That’s right me Iowan historian entrpreneur out lesbian writer poet That’s right me! }<¿©Ω©©ฯμ} in bird, Iowan Robin Translated: poet I’m a bird you sing Anary sonet but you are Robin:§§₩{{Ω褤©ฯ Translated Iowa Robin: in luck because I speak inContinue reading “Hark”

Closeness of red

People say when they know you hurt Don’t look at me, I can’t tak to them Them my blood and kin You need to let thrm go They your kid dont get it They your kid don’t see your pain I picture the old movie ‘Godfather’ I just learnedmy godson got married 19 miles awayContinue reading “Closeness of red”

My mom

‘You have no Right to Doors that lock!You have Nothing of Value!!!

How do you stand for yourself?

Tell me how? Tell me now? I simply told am old friend I saw no need after finding out I had brain trauma after being struck by a 93 year old retired attorney in 2008 on my ten speed. Brain is the human bodies largest muscle I read fifteen to twenty chapters a day outContinue reading “How do you stand for yourself?”

Up and out

Hot air rises Advantages worked for Not given Scares eatned Success bleed for Groups gather and assist Refuse to see poverty trying to Get out Rise Change their future help others America Dreaming of better future Fight bullies Lies tarnishing good proples names Was American dream an illusion Is it real No assistance for poorContinue reading “Up and out”

Human of choice

Like abused animal I am I share what I have with those who allow it Abused animals trust few I too Humanity is not limited to those that Stand upon two limbs Crushed,beaten I Humanity lack many Humanity I stand distant away Ready to hoble Out of reach My goodness was used Like Fagot inContinue reading “Human of choice”


Sales are not hard Entrepreneurs who start shown be worth credit Businesses that are Service can appear to not move but on YouTube are propelled Time and space Perpetually now that’s service I was told last week Start a business Prove you exist Then you’ll be seen Acknowledge Whitewolf Media teaching you are a unwrittenContinue reading “Sales”

Dinner at Ellen’s

Three miles outside Waukon,Iowa Iowa,Iowa Just three miles. Family gatherings since 2005 Held at the Mathis house Waukon Io-wa! Io-wa! Io-wa! Carry everythout out to the car Dad took his truck I drove my mom Moments and times Like nuts foe squirls I stored up Locked away Never expecting fox in our chicken coop VopineContinue reading “Dinner at Ellen’s”

Not every story reads

A story must have heart As a writer and a reader there has to be flow Being boss if a book is not fun or stirs emotion there is no feel The other day I told someone who wondered why I started a book then stopped Trueth is the book had no joy and IContinue reading “Not every story reads”