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When I was fifty-six

Standing on the threshold of forty-seven, My entire world was like Jenga, You know the game like giant pixie sticks pull out the wrong one and you are doomed, Mom and I were watching TV, I on the floor at moms feet with Patches, Patches was an orange cat, Patches arrived at my cat hostelContinue reading “When I was fifty-six”

Loved car hops

When I was a kid, Car hops was fast food, In Waukon Iowa it was A&W, Girls with food on a tray, Tray tested on the wondow, Glass Gallon jug of Root beer, There was class with the food, Sure we weren’t at a curb, We drove in, Ordered through a car speaker, Remember them!Continue reading “Loved car hops”

What fun

Old movies Old emotions Rise forth Like first time Excitement Thrill Tears Always new Like great cup of tea Womans smile Like Our Declaration of Independence Two movies Cage’s best There’s one more about a wizard Can’t think of its name Cage is equal to John Wayne,Jimmy Steward Henry Fonda,Bing Cosby, Tom Berenger Young TomContinue reading “What fun”