Stimulate growth, Writer of ‘Hello Dolly’ got it Right! Money is like manuer! Spread it around, Make new things grow, People hurting financially, Don’t waste money, Every year of my life, Mom told us Ellen and I, Christmas would be small this year. Dad never grossed big money, Farmer at heart, Chiropracter by trade, BronchContinue reading “Stimulous”


You buy a compact one, Energy saver, Tell those around you why! Every week I’m asked if I moved fridge to bedroom! Every week I say ‘Why!’ Answer never fails’ so your walk will be closer!’ What the hell are these people thinking? Fridge was bought to downsize to better energy user! My goal isContinue reading “Fridge”


Landlords responsibility varies One of them are tenants fire alarms, Smoke alarms, Drills like in the old school days Hearong complaints of renters Heeding them! Not telling by ratting out upset renters to apartment managers like Corporate does in Macon Georgia! Not having renters at 478 Monroe Hill apartments live in fear of ‘EVICTION’, IfContinue reading “Landlords”

Pore vs pours

In upper midwest Northern Iowa we get it Understanding is compregending Humitity means perspiring! Tonight in my sweatshirt sweat pours Natures way of house cleaning In Army we learned let sweat run Air conditioning not new consept! Human body superb creation Pour vs. pore Natures way of regu-lation Pity no song to hum! No littleContinue reading “Pore vs pours”

Chapter 6c,Out There by Ted Kerasote

Pee bottle YPB.

End of Chapter 14, Half Blood prince by J.K.Rowling

Don’t drink that!

End of Chapter 17, A cat, A mill and a murder by LeAnn Sweeney

turn a U turn on the highway