Watch “Chapter 22 to 23 and a half,The boy called Christmas by Matt Haig” on YouTube

Got this book at the recycling center. Reading it brought me great joy.Reading it was the best Christmas present to me since 2013 when mom and I were still safe from Diana Dudley in Granbury,Texas.

Watch “Nearly 9 and a half months” on YouTube

Stripped from my mom.Since I was nine I was the only one that cared until Diana’s last of 5 husbands who all divorced the white trash my half sister is. This is how you throw out innocent family. Thrown to the wolves innocent of ever harming anyone. This is a hate crime.I had no lawyerContinue reading “Watch “Nearly 9 and a half months” on YouTube”

Reasons to move to another state

This is our discussion. I firmly believe you should only move to be with someone at my time of life for love. Goals personal like bank account should alway remain yours. Darlene’s : You could go to the emergency room no fuss no muss. Can not pay no worries hospitals plan for.people who are poorContinue reading “Reasons to move to another state”