Why is it so hard to just register your business.

I look in my screen and see I exist When I post a video location listed nit me I own my debts I own what I produce Never fit square holes When I post my property where WP ir YT I want my address I’m a tool in a good way My goal is toContinue reading “Why is it so hard to just register your business.”

What’s the Hell is wrong with people?

Turn off your assinine robot calls No one wants your God Damn calls No one wants you Texting them Only calls or Text we want is ‘Hi I’m ok! Hi I miss you! Love you! I don’t want to be lied to ‘Sorry missed you yesterday want to buy your home! Or being called ValContinue reading “What’s the Hell is wrong with people?”

You have to decide

Thirty pieces of gold or food Thirty pieces of gold or food Yesterday thanking a christian for a ride to Walmart A ride to a Wal-Mart Ten miles from low rent housing Local goverment shuttle takes only cash Round trip thirty piece of gold Christian Judus kiss She says you have to choose Food orContinue reading “You have to decide”

Chapter 21a,Harry Potter and half blood prince by J.K.Rowling

79a.Greetings: Abusive family members depend on those they abuse’s silence. Those that abuse us are still monsters well you tell your story or not.

Right wrongs done you Write the truth.

Advertising and names value

political polling