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Historic,Educational, English history ‘Year 1000’ by Lacey and Danziget

Ceiling fell(b)

Daughter’s best friend and boyfriend arrived from Waterloo, Helped like troopers, Penny’s own daughter could not be bothered to come home to help Penny her own blood mom, Her daughter abandoned Penny like her birth mom an Amish girl nearly sixty years ago, That thought made Penny uncontrollable in anguish, At times Penny reminds meContinue reading “Ceiling fell(b)”


Trailer parks

What you say! Not here, Not in jolly old England, In England Trailer parks are for summer holiday, Bet the concept of wheel removal would in Jolly old England sound ‘Outrageous!’ See in the states the GD bankers value your home as tent for camping bullshit! Mobile homes are not mobile nor do the haveContinue reading “Trailer parks”

November but still February temperature

Historic chill in northern Iowa air, Unnormal ten degrees low, Months early deep freeze, No surprise last three years our winters have gotten worse, An oozing injury and a government puts a small bandaid on global warming, Two nineteen food stamps, Fuck that! Last month I had eleven dollars, Wasn’t going to use their moneyContinue reading “November but still February temperature”

English Literature: Twentieth Century

Found in ‘Adventures in English Literature,High School Textbook 1931’

The Piper

Saint Georges Chaple, Barriers of the Queen, Hope all these lads that carried the queen are thanked by King Charles the third, I smell chicken, Its not the furneral its from my kitchen, Royal family will follow the coffin up the stairs and into the chaple, Choir is singing, Chapel’s packed, Internment will take placeContinue reading “The Piper”

Back in the saddle

God save the King! Chat before furneral continues, State furnral of the QE2, Though being a lesbian butch, A hot female commentor with Welch brogue, Makes me more intent to give ear, Hip, Hip, Hooray! The people give honor, No one makes humanity give honor! No one makes me, Wish I had been awake earlierContinue reading “Back in the saddle”

A Nation

Laying in state, Her children stand around her, Honor is felt, Love of her people, Seen brows turn down, Honor corp all decked in finest colors, Upon her coffin sits her royal crown, She was more then the symbol, Today her grandchildren came to stand, Loved ones wear honor, Before they came I saw theContinue reading “A Nation”


Nasty, Landing on you, Missing the fly strips, Thursday night, Week since the good queen Elizabeth II departed, PBS had a lovely dedication, I have seen much on YouTube since, Look forward to her furneral, Love pomp and circumstance, Flys have none of it, Shocker to them they land on my leg, Never do theyContinue reading “Flies”

Why only one son

Just on YouTube saw, Queen Elizabeth II go to lay in state, Charles followed his mom, Why not his two brothers as well? Andrew and Edward, When Diana died both her sons and brother and Charles followed, Just curious but why no cremated furnerals? It was full of pomp avd circumstance, I cheated a littleContinue reading “Why only one son”