When life hurts, When those you love believe lies, When you loose those that made your heart sing, Bearing the beating of your heart daily, Knowing they will never know how they still make you bleed internally, Silent tears, Lonliness, Emptiness is worse, There is no time limit on loss love, Loss of your goodContinue reading “Damaged,abused,left”

555 61

Time first, A.m., Temperature, In Quasqueton,Iowa day after Queen Elizabeth the second died of peaceful at home, Yesterday history list a historic queen, A servant, Did the best she thought, Never instituted a mutiny because her way was not granted, Never visited another country and walked infront of that nations leader, Embraced change instead ofContinue reading “555 61”


No seed oil, Just pumkin in can, Going to open, Good fir cat and dog, Smear it on coat, It us licked off, I like best in vitamin in form, Puncture capsule, Squirt on coat, Not horrid taste, Ground up raw Wild Thunder animal rescue uses to worm animals and chickens, I have to useContinue reading “Pumkin”

A little information makes no one informed

The other day a sister remarked, Science says: In a few years the normal, Midwest speaking, Dealing with Global Warming will be, One hundred and twenty, What will the little trump naysayers with their oil rigs then say? Probably that the heat is a fluke, Daily! Since May northern Iowa had over thirty days everContinue reading “A little information makes no one informed”

Tippy tippy top girl

Ellen Beth Heike was that girl, Ellen where’s my kid sister, I was always a kid in the ground looking up, Proud my baby sister reach the top, Until you reach the time without me, Sisters are supposed to grow old together, How do you grow old together what is gone, Species life alone leavesContinue reading “Tippy tippy top girl”

Last night blankets

Lovely sleeping weather, Sixty-four degrees northern Iowa, Suppose to rain today, Since Well we will Goggle it, Acid rain has fallen due to the pollution in Wisconsin, Acid rain- https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/document/statutesindex/2001/acid%20rain https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/1991/related/index/_32 https://www.jstor.org/stable/3984725 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2000/08/000814021041.htm https://uwshop.com/wisconsin-badgers-hats/wisconsin-badgers-top-of-the-world-black-acid-rain-cuffed-pom-knit https://www.wxpr.org/natural-resources/2019-06-11/how-acid-rain-research-at-little-rock-lake-improved-our-air-quality https://www.starlake.org/topic/acid https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2923489/ https://m.carolina.com/wisconsin-fast-plants-environmental-science/wisconsin-fast-plants-acid-precipitation-classroom-kit/158745.pr https://nadp.slh.wisc.edu/ Bet your courious about Iowa well lets see the info: https://www.axios.com/local/des-moines/2022/05/13/iowa-air-quality-pollution-dips-electricity https://scholarworks.uni.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1199&context=pias#:~:text=In%20Iowa%2C%20very%20little%20is,6%20(3%2C%204). https://pubs.er.usgs.gov/publication/70168897 This is interestingContinue reading “Last night blankets”

Four eleven am,

Fifty-eight degrees, Just turned off second fan, Last Saturday my friend, Did something totally unexpected, Adopted little sister, Bought my breakfast, That was the nicest thing done to me since two fourteen, By a new friend, I have no way of knowing how to tell her how she makes my life better, The lower temperatureContinue reading “Four eleven am,”

Severe Trauma

Witnessing it, Living it, In WWI it was a joke, Called shell shock, In other wars it was a shooting offence, People were called coward! My baby sister was a coward, Ellen paid with her life, Couldn’t stand up for me to our half sister, You’d never call a fireman a coward, Its identified nowContinue reading “Severe Trauma”

No air day,

No breeze, Iowa Global Warming worst then Iowa old humidity, Ruth in Arizona lakes drying up, Now on FaceBook during games advertising investing not in oil but in drilling water, Reminds me of a song my half sister ten years older then me use to play, I think it was Called ‘My old friend John’,Continue reading “No air day,”

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