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What is amusing me tonight?

Listening to myself on my podcast, Is it live or streamed? Sort of both, Out butch lesbian poet podcast, Its downtown thirty-eight now, Chester’s asleep on my lap, So my lap is warm, What are you doing? Did you have a great lunch?


Podcast Anchor, Latch key, Been recording on my podcast, My TBI can be annoying, I become a windmill, Start a conversation and then other conversation take over, Just started tell about an Native American fellow it will take four or five segments to finish my story, Kitten just scratch my injury, That hurts, Well I’mContinue reading “Chatting”


Eleven thirty-four

November twenty-third twenty twenty-two , Down from Fifty-one to thirty-eight, Was a lovely intoxication day, I sat in my car texted Canada, Did two YouTube Video’s, Decided all job sites are damn liars, Company run by liars, Pissed, Fed up! People on end of lines need to understand English, Being asked if interested in college,Continue reading “Eleven thirty-four”

So worried

How do I ketch this little kitten, Had no milk for days, So cold outside, Tonight I’m putting out cooked liver, And momma kitty in a cage, My theory she will call to her baby and baby will run into cage, Too old to lay on ground by my shed, Baby doesn’t know me, Baby’sContinue reading “So worried”

From my distance

Annoying, Muffled, A horn cries out, Sound Falls, On dead air, Recipient gone, Still horn pleads turn my off, Am I the only mortal upon this coivl to hear it? From a distance, Not far enough away, Silence an inanimate object, Plays upon my mind, I’d rather be making love

Why do script writers,

Why do they never shut doors! If I were a PI, I’d know sneaking into a building, Covertly, No intelligent individual, Wanting to remain in business, And alive, Would want others not thinking! Is there some one sneaking around? Or suspect of themself so foolish to not having shut a door, Have those script writersContinue reading “Why do script writers,”

A stranger hug me yesterday

Figures the only way I could hug him, My sister went to the bathroom we ate Chinese, No one in particular! And while she was gone this fellow went over and talked to the major D with red hair wasn’t there no I won’t shade but you know red hair and young people is lessContinue reading “A stranger hug me yesterday”

Lesbians and Gays exist even in

Morman Communities, Yes even Amish Communities, And yet when Morman’s come out they are still , I’ll leave that don’t know yet! Guess its later- Amish aren’t baptism, No birth certificants, Like rural Iowa no mentors, Amish are tossed out, No home, No way of communicating with others who are also Queer, Hello fromContinue reading “Lesbians and Gays exist even in”

Fall is in the air

Last week temps were chilly at night, Not October chilly, Not none chill of February, But still not normal August chill, The Sumac and Prairie grass color scheme is yellowed or rusty, That will be ok by me, I’m through that damn unnatural heat, This is most Electric bill I ever pain, Turn off theContinue reading “Fall is in the air”

Only window

Lost my Precious, Through crappy ass cotton candy hole in screen, Refirbished in actuality means looks good, Like Staged, New wood floor in kitchen, Tilts downward like built in San, Francisco down,down, Down! New fancy ass faucet that brush of passing cats tail can turn on! No windows replaced, No storms added, No, Good, Screens,Continue reading “Only window”