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Cat mom Not preschool teacher!

Cat mom puts disobedient often in time out three days in row, No screaming, No discomfort, Forth day kitten doesn’t try once to leave the house, Lesson taught and learned, Cat mom uses old crock pot one more time before pot becomes part of garden this year, Two meats placed in small crock pot, DoubleContinue reading “Cat mom Not preschool teacher!”

Pretty Bird and Miss Sadie

Pretty is a bird, Sadie all grey calico, Sadie is an inside cat, Only saw cats through window, Now Pretty Martin, Or the bird now lives with us, The Heike’s She sits and watches Pretty, He is a male bird named Pretty, In the human world his names Sue, Other kitties area interested sitting onContinue reading “Pretty Bird and Miss Sadie”

Do you a jibber Jabber?

Did you come out late in life? Did you date the wrong sex to please those near and dear to you? Was that toxic to you? People will never get born Gay it wasn’t a choice like what Cologne you wanted to wear to fit in! Have you always tried to please those you loved?Continue reading “Do you a jibber Jabber?”

The ceiling is falling(a),

Slept in her car all night eight below, To cold inside, I know how cold ten below in Penny’s one hundred and twenty year old home is, Her home needs help, Penny’s husbands in Nottingham England , Why because Chris Martin is English and a computer tech, Chris & Penn’s been married ten years now,Continue reading “The ceiling is falling(a),”

She drives home

Sits in her car, My dad did that, I do it cause mom’s death gave me the money to outright buy my first car, My office is in my car, So when I’m out and about, That’s right I’m working remotely, When my office filled with books is parked at home, I work at home,Continue reading “She drives home”

Scared to death

I brought back more soup for me, The little salmon baby had yet to eat, I had left the door closed, Baby kitten safe in the only room warm, ‘No kitten! I scanned the room, ‘No kitten! The door open! Rescanned the closed room! On the edge of ballistics! The same feeling ‘Baby carriage rollingContinue reading “Scared to death”

Emily Heike and the bear blanket

Bear blanket a gift, Sam’s Club, Three holes and a bear head, On a tub of books, All my kitties were afraid, Bar one, Miss Emily tortusshell calico, Fierce female cat, Not afraid of a great brown blanket,

What is amusing me tonight?

Listening to myself on my podcast, Is it live or streamed? Sort of both, Out butch lesbian poet podcast, Its downtown thirty-eight now, Chester’s asleep on my lap, So my lap is warm, What are you doing? Did you have a great lunch?


Podcast Anchor, Latch key, Been recording on my podcast, My TBI can be annoying, I become a windmill, Start a conversation and then other conversation take over, Just started tell about an Native American fellow it will take four or five segments to finish my story, Kitten just scratch my injury, That hurts, Well I’mContinue reading “Chatting”

Eleven thirty-four

November twenty-third twenty twenty-two , Down from Fifty-one to thirty-eight, Was a lovely intoxication day, I sat in my car texted Canada, Did two YouTube Video’s, Decided all job sites are damn liars, Company run by liars, Pissed, Fed up! People on end of lines need to understand English, Being asked if interested in college,Continue reading “Eleven thirty-four”