When I return to retrieve the kitten

I hate falling to sleep without knowing the youngest is near, I was surprised and shocked littlest brought back to kitten bed, Sat,looked at by back fir a thrice, Kitten leaped to the floor, While I strolled the three steps to my chair, All night long, All night, Allllllll Nighttttt! That little orange ball’s buttContinue reading “When I return to retrieve the kitten”

Chapter 11-16, A Tale of Magic by Chris Colfer

Book 1, Chapter 11a, https://youtu.be/GaJmeFCELfU Chapter 11b, https://youtu.be/6fXYcUEJWZ0 Chapter 11c, https://youtu.be/-ehabCwcFeE Chapter 12, https://youtu.be/s5s06IqnB4s Chapter 13a, https://youtu.be/cqaB5cwbPRM Chapter 13b, https://youtu.be/pD9EXlBe7Is Chapter 13c, https://youtu.be/PiiZrlsrRUE Chapter 14a, https://youtu.be/cD0eAnHxX2A Chapter 14b, https://youtu.be/atqWVxnhTOk Chapter 15a, https://youtu.be/igNFMxuWd5M Chapter 15b, https://youtu.be/g2KUtY3rKdk

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