Chapter 27,39 clues,Vipers nest by Peter Lerangis

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Chapter 3,Yada,Yada prayer group gets rolling by Neta Jackson

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Oh No!

Oh No No, I think mt Theodore’s A Oh my, I cannot say it! I’ll take a bit of paper Jot it down, Grab an evelop Address it to you all! Male it! Oh my! Oh no$ Could it possibly be! My Theodore’s a She!

Chapter 5,Beyond Spiderwick,The Nixies song by Tony Di Terlizzi and Holly Black

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Chapter 7,Ironwood tree,volume 4,Spiderwick by Tony Di Terlizzi and Holly Black

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Tickles my fancy Sitting here nibbling chicken Sherry talks I eat Southern girls full of beans Full of sass! Things come up Things come out Then says I “Remember moms keeping children from eating dirt!’ Then scientist now say something Dirts not that bad! Children need dirt! Sherry said she survived ‘Dirt!’ A fine fourContinue reading “Sherry”

Chapter 25-40,Jinxed by Carol Higgens Clark

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Chapter 7,Spiderwick, book 3,Tony Di Terlizzi,Holly Black

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