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Frozen lips

Peal, Are not appealing, Not like dry lips, Odd feeling like they burnt, My lips are pealing from I assume the ten below weather of Saturday night to and in Penny’s house, Its three below now, I might go over there tomorrow after my chores, Books are going out, A bundle to Florida and anContinue reading “Frozen lips”


Dinner on plastic

Do you eat on plastic? Do you eat well? Seeking work I can do without crippling pain, See I can’t eat on government plastic if $2.19, Poverty level in Iowa is above $28,000, I never in nearly sixty-five years made that, Went back to chase my degree at fifty, Was struck by a ninety-three yearContinue reading “Dinner on plastic”


Love talking history, Today I wanted to talk about algorithms, On Amipor & Company on PBS, Midnight last, I caught the last words, The conversation had been about the internet, The talk could define Goggle’s advertising, As soon as you like, Or search for something, Bingo, Bammo they got your number, Linkedin sends me notes,Continue reading “Linkedin”

Black Out Bingo

Got a nerve, You are forced to hear its advertisement, Its like the Communist countries where choice is not yours to make, The game is automatically loaded to you! That sucks the big one, Its time for cocoa, Morning all, Oh people of that lousy game, I delete your sorry ass in a thrice!

Drury in Illinois vs. Drury in Kentucky{Hotel,The Drury is a Hotel}

Must be like the old movie, Jackie Gleesen starred, ‘Don’t drink the water!’ Different as night and day! I believe in turn around business, Good place to stay, The Drury that, When we arrived coming to Iowa in March, Cold snowy, Burr, Slush, Front resembled Family resteraunt, Place was packed, Jumping,happening, Crowded, I had calledContinue reading “Drury in Illinois vs. Drury in Kentucky{Hotel,The Drury is a Hotel}”

End Chapter 26,The Cat,The Quilt and the Corpse by LeAnn Sweeney

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