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As am empath

When others are sad, I’m blown away, I go into hiding, Not a coward mind you, Even though I’m sitting in the bathroom of STUFF in Cedar Rapids,Iowa, Never seen Penny so hurt,devastated and angry! First time we went to the food bank one of Penny’s dog died that morning. This morning I was unableContinue reading “As am empath”


Why, I had a small bottle last night in apple juice, No way it tasted like vanilla, Tasted like whiskey running apple juice I hate, I think whiskey flavor of no tastes like barrel, Found three little bottle in penny’s freezer, From Penny’s daughter’s twenty-first, Five years ago it would not have tasted better, RatherContinue reading “Whiskey”

Synapse 4,and audio thoughts of a gay Iowa Poet Will add to until Valentines day 2023 and Synopsis and thoughts and poems.

Do you a jibber Jabber?

Did you come out late in life? Did you date the wrong sex to please those near and dear to you? Was that toxic to you? People will never get born Gay it wasn’t a choice like what Cologne you wanted to wear to fit in! Have you always tried to please those you loved?Continue reading “Do you a jibber Jabber?”

Chapter 5, Jolly Holly

Coldest Christmas Eve in my history, Colder then after my half sister torched our laundry room December third twenty fourteen after removing all but one smoke alarm battery, Christmas early evening I spent in dad’s red Dodge pickup truck with my four kitties that survived Diana’s fire in our electric drier, Electric driers cause twoContinue reading “Chapter 5, Jolly Holly”

Oh joy

Four days the christmas, December 21,2022, Two below zero, Four kitties and me trying not to freeze, Sure sucks I got to rise to go p, The furnace stops then starts, Refurbish mobile home means nothing to seller, No insulation,no storm windows on two windows no storm door on back an no other door toContinue reading “Oh joy”

Thirty-nine degrees

December 14th,2022, Rained all last night, Northern Iowa, When I was a kid that last if rain we had was in October, Global Warming is a bitch, At least gas prices have less robber barons stealing from us not able to afford thirty thousand dollar highbreds.

Just sitting

Gift months ago, Unwrapped more recently, Thought had no tools, All I needed was a screw driver, Had that, Took off old could only screw one side on, Could not screw left side in, So I figured the nice wooden give would not work properly, Its hard to get the correct leverage when not uponContinue reading “Just sitting”

Job alerts

Now they are coming from Oregan, How does Iowa resemble Oregon or northern Iowa, The job site’s wonder why I have not replied, I’m from Waukon,IA, Born in Storm Lake,Iowa, Live just now in Quasqueton,Iowa, Want to be nearer Waukon, My nephews are there, They need to remember who I am, That I’m not theContinue reading “Job alerts”

What’s funny Val?

A verizon phone with all the technology today that takes whatever you write, And in a blink of an eye it vanishes leaving what appears to be a white board nothing you texted remains, Voice mail the same talk more then forty seconds ‘Bingo zappo! Gone in a nanosecond! Cost me sixty five dollars toContinue reading “What’s funny Val?”