There are friends,there are enemies

Family should always care when A family member is slandered. Family knowing you are INNOCENT OF WRONG DOING SHOULD SPEAK UP! Allowing others to believe slander allows them to be Complacent or compliant with the lying narcississist. Friends who rather you forget all those you would still Die to protect Thoss people those hidding behindContinue reading “There are friends,there are enemies”


Firpeople feel Firpeople understand Maybe not language Firpeople have their own linquist Its the feel behind the words My damaged cat once.again peed Under three closet doors Has poohed and peed buckets since Aoril 2015 I curse his existance no more then.the.foul human who mistreated him I get spitting mad at him Where does heContinue reading “Intonation”

Epilogue,As the pig turns by M.C.Beaton

Book 3, Best of three read. Agatha Raisin’s mysteries Chapter 1a, Chapter 1b, Chapter 2a, Chapter 2b, Chapter 2c, Chapter 3a. Chapter 3b, Chapter 4a, Chapter 4b, Chapter 5, Chapter 6a, Chapter 6b, Chapter 7a, Chapter 7b, Chapter 7c, Chapter 8a,Continue reading “Epilogue,As the pig turns by M.C.Beaton”

Writing on the wall,Elizabeth Mattox

Chapters:15,16a,16b,17a,17b.18,19,20 Guidepost Christian Mystery Series (15) (16a) (16b) (17a) (17b) (18) (19) (20a) (20b)

Chapter 15a,Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich

Epilogue(b),See me! Nicholas Sparks

Chapter 33,See me! Nicholas Spark

Chapter 31b,See me! Nicholas Sparks