To little time seems

Start the day, Today Sherry and I, Five cats ate breakfast, Left Quasqueton,Iowa, Drove to Wally World outside Independence, Spent one hundred and fiftt-seven bucks, Ate lunch returned to Quasqueton, Left some things in car, Took a three hour nap, Watching movies: Cat Woman Watching Aquaman, Sleep, New day preparing for trip, Tomorrow, Driving SherryContinue reading “To little time seems”

A fathers thoughts

My dad always said before I tried ‘Doesn’t matter what you do you’re going to fail!’ Mean advice! Told my cousins I was retarded, That way no one wondered why at eighteen I was not married, and pumping out young. At fourty told a cousin who thought I was slow, Not slow Gay! Other fathersContinue reading “A fathers thoughts”

Enough! Don’t touch anything Vanished one of my very best Poem, My Enough Black enough to have been slave Me Jewish Blood tells! Three members of my grandmas family Gassed in concentration camps Seems like all wants to come check me out! Not a show One heart loving one hand in mine Not entertaining aContinue reading “Enough!”

End of chapter 22,Cast off Coven by Juliet Blackwell

Chapter 20a,Katie up and down the hall by Glenn Plaskin


Sharing,Giving to no bra all for me.

Does pain tell?

Val Whitewolf

Chapter 15, Secondhand Spirit’s by Juliet Blackwell

Trying to scare eachother down

End of Chapter 5-6a,The dog who rescued cats by Philip Gonzalez and Leonore Fleischer

Animal language Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle