Chapter 9-16,Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards

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Chapters 14-21,Mysterious Circus,Hall Family book,,(Links to YouTube chapters read) by Jane Langton

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Writers : Comedy

Big Bang theory, Most laughs still born, Fourth rise like cream to the surface, I’m watching twelveth season, The staff four times hit the mark! Heart felt with spirit, Dad to grown up Sheldon, Brava! Humor seemed canned not from heart. They needed more comics that got laughs! Ha,ha, Tee hee! Also Love made SheldonContinue reading “Writers : Comedy”

Pants matter

When dad were alive Mom dad called Mother Marian Calling to dad ‘what are you wearing!’ Dad’s reply ‘A shirt and a pair of pants!’ For heavens sake, One lesson of take away, Always, No matter what when rising grab pants, Today in the kitchen stood I! Standing long TShirt on, Pants not with me,Continue reading “Pants matter”

Been watching

Stone faced Big Bang Theory years 7-12. One more left, Last year number twelve, So far only laughed out loud twice. As an Empath I feel humor, I feel evil, Sadness, So whats funny! Funnys felt! Its like holding the hand of the one you love met or not. Knowing face to face has NothingContinue reading “Been watching”

Chapter 1-27,Magic Delivery by Clete Barrett Smith

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4a, Chapter 4b, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 8 1/2, Chapter 9,9 1/2, Chapter 10a, Chapter 10b, Chaptet 11a, Chapter 11b, Chapter 11c, Chapter 12,{ my favorite chapterContinue reading “Chapter 1-27,Magic Delivery by Clete Barrett Smith”