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Job alerts

Now they are coming from Oregan, How does Iowa resemble Oregon or northern Iowa, The job site’s wonder why I have not replied, I’m from Waukon,IA, Born in Storm Lake,Iowa, Live just now in Quasqueton,Iowa, Want to be nearer Waukon, My nephews are there, They need to remember who I am, That I’m not theContinue reading “Job alerts”



He remembers from the library, I have only seek him at Walmart, Isn’t that odd? Do you ever wonder what others might or might not assimilate from meeting you even if it was ever so briefly? I try to be friendly, Maybe a wee bit silly, This year I only gave in friendship ________ timesContinue reading “Custodian”

Older cats funny not ha,ha

Older strange data, Not accepting younger mothers, Will bath a baby, Kitten will sleep away from mother in box of cloth shopping bags, Human adopted mom(me)brought kitten back to my room water then up front, Older cats OK with powder puff, Rowdy vocally pissed when young me m seeks her young, More interesting then funny,Continue reading “Older cats funny not ha,ha”

Orange eyes

Really set off a corner, Darkness is swell, Wondering where Chester has gone to, Then my sleepie eyes focus, There he is, Sitting on that huge ugly old electrical chair in two sixteen I paid Judy twenty-five for, Lost on the darkness of the corner, Except for his golden orange globes, My little Chester,

Book keeper should understand adding and minus

If a bill is $478 and the renter sends $510 that’s 22 left its a credit, Not a deficient, A credit on paying something off should not be written with a minus sign, A credit deserves its only column, Deficit is something not paid yet, People whose wives are their book keeper who doesn’t understandContinue reading “Book keeper should understand adding and minus”

Warm n wet

Sweet and tender, Arousal, Tantalizing, Charlene Harris sex scenes with love in ‘In an ice cold grave!’ If I was not sure I was a lesbian knowing what I love in my mouth and reading heteralsexual written sex I would want something else, I’m selling the book, The book did nothing for me, I loveContinue reading “Warm n wet”

Whipping,Whipping, Whipping Trees

You might travel the world to find, A February day colder then this, But this you might think is not even Thanksgiving, Puts me in mind of movie with Denise Quad, You know the one when mother earth got fed up and reacted to our fucking with mother earth causing Global warming, Mother earth goesContinue reading “Whipping,Whipping, Whipping Trees”

Want quarter back

Read yesterday about Green Bay Packers, Quarterback will pay price of shitty players, Funny sad how life imitates a game, Shitty play quarter leaves, Shitty cell company small business suffers, For me the Internet’s more then Facebook, Its connection to my platform, A job, A selling place, Not a dating site, Not a jibber jabberContinue reading “Want quarter back”

Tea time

Fell asleep hearing my read back, Water heated again, Checked my home, Made sure all my babies have food, Yelled at Sadie, Never start kitties drinking from your water bottle lid, Why they love it! Now my time, good rest all you wonderful imaginable fellows, You writer who I am honored by, Just knowing youContinue reading “Tea time”

When a friend vanishes

How do you talk, How do you find our why? How do you know they are well? Were you just being played? Say you knew them for months, They made your life worth, You sleep one night on their couch, That’s it was it real? Did I imagine belonging, Is that the last time IContinue reading “When a friend vanishes”