Happy 58th Ellen see you!

So Ellen did Diana tell you about her removing my lock to keep our front door sealed to stop the loss of warm air in October 2014 . Did she tell you how she belittled our 86 year old mom by sticking her hand in moms face and belittling mom ‘Yelling,You have NOTHING of value,Continue reading “Happy 58th Ellen see you!”

Should be rules

Like in life you are taught in school how to write a letter.You learn who to trust.Not to trust.Whose is aceptable by a community to love. One underlining bedrock bit of felt knowledge was that family always stand beside you. Was that thought less a thing I imagined? Did I feel it and not hearContinue reading “Should be rules”

Watch “One Voice,One Story,” on YouTube

Sometimes standing up to a family narcississ is done in You tube videos after years of harrassment then she torched our laundry room December 3rd 2014. Mkm 86 and I 56 sat in our den and watched TV.

Watch “Chapter 22 to 23 and a half,The boy called Christmas by Matt Haig” on YouTube

Got this book at the recycling center. Reading it brought me great joy.Reading it was the best Christmas present to me since 2013 when mom and I were still safe from Diana Dudley in Granbury,Texas.

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