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Love is crazy

Missing isn’t subject to others opinion, Love isn’t a topic I allow others comment, They do, Who we love matters deep inside, Love is like an absess, Toxic that etches itself into our spirit, Its a calm thing, Its an honest thing, Not subject to the government yet it seems they tax everything, Love isn’tContinue reading “Love is crazy”



T.P. That’s all Independence, Iowa Food bank gives out! Causes me to ponder, Iowa food stamp program instead of patting me on the back for trying to survive by selling my books and living on less then nine hundred a month after Covid-19 my food stamps went down to thirty dollars, Some months I makeContinue reading “One”

CW- Silent Night

Tonight I saw the second most lovely Christmas music program in all my nearly sixty-five years, The first was at my college, Luther College is lovely,lush Winneshiek County in northern Iowa, I’m going back to see more of this program all the music one song, Many sang in varring voices, Only Christmas song written inContinue reading “CW- Silent Night”

Statist Quo

What is done natural in a variety of location benefits the earth on the whole, Trees planted to replace those murdered vie fire, Years ago in nineteen ninety – four a year after a savage Yellow Stone fire raged, Also in ninety-three a big chunk of Custard State park burnt, In ninety-two those of usContinue reading “Statist Quo”

Jolly holidays

Aren’t holidays to be jolly, Aren’t friends to come by and say howdy? I miss WordPress that didn’t fight me when I wrote, I miss hitting the next line thing and going down, With this unsmart phone I nearly break my writing finger off before the next paragraph starts, I have a Brothers typewriter, ButContinue reading “Jolly holidays”

Changed temperature predicted

Happy Thanksgiving, Temperature today up to fifty-two from fifty-one, Right now warmer them this time yesterday, Now in Quasqueton,Iowa is thirty-eight degrees, Makes it look funny and sad decorations for Christmas lite in yards, We at the Heike’s meaning mom and I, Never got down nor decorated before Thanksgiving, Nor turned on the lights, NowContinue reading “Changed temperature predicted”


For years, Since I have know Judy, Since 2015, I’d get a turkey or ham, She’d cook it, We’d half it, End of the month she and her husband two checks instead of one had no money, If they got a free bird or ham it went in their fridge, They always reminded me ofContinue reading “Turkey”


An unmoving book at giveaway price, Lowered a hardcover book to five bucks, Five bucks makes me four bucks, Minus a envelop to send book cost from Dollar store, Nothing from Dollar store costs a dollar now, So a shipping envelop runs me a dollar and a quarter, And of course I have no internet,orContinue reading “Sold”


Goodnight to one and all, I saw a troubling movie commercial this afternoon, It was a Christmas ‘No way in hell will the theater get my money!’ Its like ax murders Santa Claus! Its bad enough stores have turned Christmas into shop till you drop, Spend,spend,spend, From before Halloween, And Walmart plays hip hop butContinue reading “Goodnight,”