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Morning writers of WordPress

Howdy, Need your opinion I’m reading a book by Victoria Laurie and chapter two is twenty-nine pages long. Sorry but to me just a beginner in fiction that seems really long. Can maybe someone weigh in and give me your opinion, I know I’m the queen of long ass thoughts for a poet but puttingContinue reading “Morning writers of WordPress”


Podcast Anchor, Latch key, Been recording on my podcast, My TBI can be annoying, I become a windmill, Start a conversation and then other conversation take over, Just started tell about an Native American fellow it will take four or five segments to finish my story, Kitten just scratch my injury, That hurts, Well I’mContinue reading “Chatting”

Do you chat?

Often on FaceBook I’m asked that, Do you chat? I say no not a jibber jabber, But in the kitchen just now, A conversation was had, Before I took a nap, Took raw hamburger to the kittens, Making sure older kitties(they don’t see themselves as old enough to be cats,females you understand!) I got Capt.CrunchContinue reading “Do you chat?”

Chapter 8-15,Ghouls just want to have fun Victoria Laurie,Book 2

Chapter 8a, Chapter 8b, Chapter 8c, Chapter 9a, Chapter 9b, Chapter 9c, Chapter 10a, Chapter 10b, Chapter 10c, Chater 11a, Chapter 11b, Chapter 12a,, Chapter 12b, Chapter 12c, Chapter 12d, Chapter 13a, Chapter 13b, Chapter 13c, ChapterContinue reading “Chapter 8-15,Ghouls just want to have fun Victoria Laurie,Book 2”


Stimulate growth, Writer of ‘Hello Dolly’ got it Right! Money is like manuer! Spread it around, Make new things grow, People hurting financially, Don’t waste money, Every year of my life, Mom told us Ellen and I, Christmas would be small this year. Dad never grossed big money, Farmer at heart, Chiropracter by trade, BronchContinue reading “Stimulous”

Things change not for better always,

Have you ever made the ok sign? The OK sign as of twenty nineteen, Stands for Hate, A friends daughter a bartender was recently accused of Gay bashing, The young gay guy made the ok sign her way, She did it back I guess, Gay dude wrote her name on FaceBook, How mean can peopleContinue reading “Things change not for better always,”

Chapter 45b,Clash of kings by George R.R.Martin

Book 2,Catelyn Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

Chapter 45b,Clash of kings by George R.R.Martin

Book 2,Catelyn Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle