Long hall surprise,

Like life all new things are to surprises as, As long pooh stepped on in hall is to.. Stupidity of human, Me, I know better still infallable, Still blindly wandering alone through life, Did you know what? IOWA stands for? Idiot out wandering around, I can say that, My family been here since before itContinue reading “Long hall surprise,”

With a clatter

Nope not old Saint Nick, Nowhere near winters deep freeze, As I sat a reading, From the bathroom I heard, Scurry,scurry of kitty feet, Then thump and clatter,the thump was kitties falling, Into the bathtub, The clatter was the whole rig that made up the shower curtain, Which no longer hangs in my bathroom, IContinue reading “With a clatter”

Did you know?

A cat was the model for the ? Thinker that’s right, Little known facts throughout history, Its a tail of a different color, Pun intended, If there is any space outside is visible, We at the Heike Ranch in Quasqueton,Iowa, home for wayward cats we know for certain the veracity of that cognitive thought, SophieContinue reading “Did you know?”


Terror, Blood runs cold, Ice, Ice in your veins, May something, Day after yesterday ‘Whatsit?’ After leaving bathroom, Deciding to ducktape mt window before I feed the kittens, It took stepping out of the bathroom, Turning the corner, Eyes and brain coming into sink! Like a time Warp! Knowing there is No shelf in myContinue reading “Terror”

Little Lilly

Last night, Last night, Little Lilly missing, When last I saw wee lilly, Lilly rested by mom’s forty inch flat screen, Bought in 2009 with the pennies given for not dying, In two o eight at four p.m., On eighth Avenue Waukon,Iowa, In my home town I was struck by a car, I hot medicalContinue reading “Little Lilly”

Smart little kid

Red long fluffy hair, Though I wad just told not to put saline in eyes the eyes have healed. I always use saline in my eyes, A wee bit of salt literally knock outs out toxin, Face is still matted with pussie gunk, I was told a warm wet wash cloth and lots of timeContinue reading “Smart little kid”

White ball

Sitting upon my PS3, One little, Two little, Three little balls of fur, Usually I scream Off my precious PS3, So little, So cute, Next minute I look up, One little white mostly ball sat, Mark from NCIS nose to nose, I wanted to yell , Young lady that’s way too close, But all thatContinue reading “White ball”

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