Eighteen years in the ER

Catholic hospital,Waterloo,IA, Can’t give out drugs to stop , Err abstain from pregnancy , Can placed disabled hard working nurse who worked eighteen years in ER on temporary disability, Nurse Atta we will call her, Worked sixteen hour days, Nurses use to stay in rooms not used so short on staff, Can’t now,now they stayContinue reading “Eighteen years in the ER”

Charlaine Harris

A amazing fantastic author, Teaching this poet transitioning from historic to fiction writing, I have learned define everything, Make humans real down to purple socks, But only if you envision your vampire a purple sock sort of girl! Picture frames if they play apart in a scene then they are important , Teeth on aContinue reading “Charlaine Harris”

Chapter 1-15,The Grand Escape- The cat pack by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Chapter 1, https://youtu.be/7Du6c1433I8 Chapter 2, https://youtu.be/kU_ydThWE74 Chapter 3, https://youtu.be/cXBcdMvGu5I Chapter 4, https://youtu.be/glUQeSzKHVs Chapter 5, https://youtu.be/MuR6JpKiEqA Chapter 6a, https://youtu.be/iullJpz9y-Q Chapter 6b, https://youtu.be/eFnfPPjuek8 Chapter 6c, Chapter 7, https://youtu.be/3kqrJ0UCu-k Chapter 8a, https://youtu.be/JHQQoJihk9A Chapter 8b, https://youtu.be/KOrdGOyVwf0 Chapter 9, https://youtu.be/5tvS9s3QaTU Chapter 10, https://youtu.be/JhWkxe7_Rm8 Chapter 11, https://youtu.be/Qja286Qna8o Chapter 12,https://youtu.be/UDEfGQW6t6A Chapter 13, https://youtu.be/G_qcqDNVReA Chapter 14, https://youtu.be/NxpwRaMo6pY Chapter 15, https://youtu.be/tKYy4eQWIwg

Chapter 14a,Katie up and down the halls by Glenn Plaskin

Chapter 34,The cat,The mill and the murder by LeAnn Sweeney

Why do it,add a room?

End of Chapter 32,The cat the mill and the mill by LeAnn Sweeney

Old friend

Chapter 32a,The cat,mill and murder by LeAnn Sweeney

Creepers more then one sounded like shift chanhe.

End of Chapter 30, The cat, the mill and the murder by LeAnn Sweeney

You wanted it your way,Make it happen!

Chapter 30a,The cat,the mill, the murder by LeAnn Sweeney

important information

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