Control captures the heart of a narcississ. From youth humans are conditioned like rats in a maze. Ring that bell be directed to the left. See a hole, see body fall through human turns opposote direction. My half sister daughter of a man who beat our mom. When Lee Hartly(California) married Marian Bittenger(Spencer,Iowa) they movedContinue reading “Control”

Without heart

Lies got my half sister Diana Dudley all she wanted our mom oride her from her jome after a priest came the might before! The might before! After two years of phone harrassement, ten times a day each day leaving mom in tears. Ten times a day with mom wondering out loud ‘Doesn’t she knowContinue reading “Without heart”

Happy 58th Ellen see you!

So Ellen did Diana tell you about her removing my lock to keep our front door sealed to stop the loss of warm air in October 2014 . Did she tell you how she belittled our 86 year old mom by sticking her hand in moms face and belittling mom ‘Yelling,You have NOTHING of value,Continue reading “Happy 58th Ellen see you!”


Emotionally dammaged by a narcississ. Narcississ need those that empower them by being compliant those are the once they Gaslight, lie to change their truths. Do not doubt yourself because equally important to the narcississ are the victims of their lies. The victims such as myself have been literally tore to pieces. We no longerContinue reading “CPDSC SO MANY CAPS”


If you have been wronged and your 91 year old mother is living with a mental abusive person how can you do nothing? I was just told that since mom has been not knowing that she had rights. Been mentally bullyied for for years after harrassed and bullied long distance now that shes in TexasContinue reading “Wronged”

Why is there No help to save your elderly mother from a narcississ?

My goodness there are no You Tube video about saving your 91 year old mom from a narcississ Diana Lee , moms daughter from an abusive husband. Diana a control freak told mom ( Marian D. Heike, mom) over and over you stays with me or? Marian would be placed in Texas in a nursingContinue reading “Why is there No help to save your elderly mother from a narcississ?”

Watch “Lesbian caretakers are Not bullies or monsters.We. are the children with Empathy.” on YouTube

Gat family members who care all their lives for their folks.We are not stupid. We are not tools.We are not go be lied about made monsters sk our stupid group commonly refered to as family. Help me save mom.


Hello, The picture is Ellen at 3 and me 5 going on 6. Back when family gatherings were mostly hugs,laughter then toward the end gathering was not done till sensative Val was in tears. Crying I recall the person I use to dream of my sister Ellen my best friend. (Thomas unsure if this isContinue reading “Abused”

America today

Shealtered the America of today knows Nothing of truth,loyalty , how to be a comrad. People still run to our shores believing the old rhetoric, propaganda ‘Innocent before ‘Proven guilty!’ Words, when I was a kid I believed every one of the lies that puts colored glasses upon the dead like ‘Weekend at Bernies.’ IfContinue reading “America today”

Watch “Marslow Theory and a narcississ” on YouTube

Narcississ are the best at getting what they want. My half sister rocked selling property because she knew when to wonk, bend over and flirt. Anything and everything to get what the narcississ needs. If my half sister was a survivor of a holicaust shes the one and only person I know who would neverContinue reading “Watch “Marslow Theory and a narcississ” on YouTube”

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