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Dame Olivia Newton John

In our lives she came, I do not believe I saw Grease enough, My high school performed the play one year, Dame Olivia lit up hearts, I read she became twenty-nine during the filming, I love that she is on TikTok, She fought a good fight, Showed others how to survive cancer with class, IContinue reading “Dame Olivia Newton John”


Still smoking!

My next door neighbor in his eighties.Retired Iowa farm boy.His wife went on before him.Taught in church of the golden rule and of a heaven.Only heaven I know of is here with those we love. Still smoking Still smoking! Ones a week I share a meal with my neighbor. I met him Wenesday taking myContinue reading “Still smoking!”


Some people never get old men are always the children they were when mom and dad named them Ronald; friends and brothers and sisters who grew to know him with love in their heart changed the nane to “Ronny.’ Now in early eighties still that boy. As I sit here after reading two chapters ofContinue reading “Ronny”


Spelt Woman Spoke this afternoon Cancer victim Facing the world Face forward Gung ho! Faking fierless Not as tough as she thinks Cancers a Son of a bitch Took her family Survival of the fearless Windy City fighter Bear Inner strength Name given Jennifer Sex female My community Full of character Lost (Aunt Wava, UncleContinue reading “Courage”