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Why going ballistic at three o nine am, There’s a damn cat in on my towels I have never used! I need tubs for my blankets, Or totes, Tubs for my never used new towels, Needy animals in my way, Cats all wanting loving, Tied up cupboards to keep cats out. I sit down toContinue reading “No!”

A little log cabin

My goal is to live, Rest of my life, Self efficient, Solar/Wind powered off the grid, Raise Walleye native fish in Wisconsin, With a life partner, Cats and dogs, A new furnace makes my mobile home worth more then its $20000, The mower I’ll take with me, Been here two years in September, Told myselfContinue reading “A little log cabin”

Just breathe

Moment by moment, Just breathe, Stars ignite, Tears fall, Just breathe, Eyes are full, Years flip by Heart aches, A giggle is heard, Just breathe, A puppy barks, A kitten purrs, A baby cries, I sigh, Those I love taken away, Alone stands I, One lesbian butch alone weeps, Just breathe,

Time to go the kitchen

Savages are in earnest, Sophie the scout, Starts wake up process, Stomping all over me, Then laying in me, Then kissing me by ramming her nose into my lips, That is my grey calico at her mist annoying, Then Precious for second time in two days takes down the lamp, Like a deer the lampContinue reading “Time to go the kitchen”

Chapter 19a,Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

Never did watch TV

Chapter 7a,Out there Ted Kerasote

Len raises a Victorian modesty around hearth and heart.

Chapter 6i,Out there by Ted Kerasote

I look down to see the fish.

Chapter 2b,Izzy & Leonore by John Katz

Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle