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A little log cabin

My goal is to live, Rest of my life, Self efficient, Solar/Wind powered off the grid, Raise Walleye native fish in Wisconsin, With a life partner, Cats and dogs, A new furnace makes my mobile home worth more then its $20000, The mower I’ll take with me, Been here two years in September, Told myselfContinue reading “A little log cabin”


Just breathe

Moment by moment, Just breathe, Stars ignite, Tears fall, Just breathe, Eyes are full, Years flip by Heart aches, A giggle is heard, Just breathe, A puppy barks, A kitten purrs, A baby cries, I sigh, Those I love taken away, Alone stands I, One lesbian butch alone weeps, Just breathe,

Like every other day til!

Whipped around with vacuum Waiting for bug guy weekly visit Things returning after threat of Virus Gentle knocking thought it was the guy was comming in mask and gloves. Decorah cop stood inside my apartment Same cop Diana Dudley my half sister sent last year My blood sister Not once in five years,called,wrote,came by, orContinue reading “Like every other day til!”

Chapter 5a,A dog year by Jon Katz