Decided for a time

I’ll return to a cheaper cell phone, For a number of years I used Smart Talk, I think that was the name, Its $45-61/month, But it will be my phone, One of my phones not on, And this phone will eventually stop, The phone has a gapping hole in it’s side, I will pay aContinue reading “Decided for a time”

Biggest commercial message

During Packers and Buccaneers game, ‘Do what you love!’ Old message, Not always possible, Or profitable, Best commercial, Children making a lego bridge, A knight needed to get to the other side, Working together they managed to get the knight across, In a sense the message is clear, It was about the night passage, OrContinue reading “Biggest commercial message”


Loop hole, As an author I find this appauling, These people take the ideas of nonfiction writers, Find ghost writers to write what they want written, Make covers for then fake Picasso’s, Ram them to the buying public then profit! These people ram it into the viewer of the infomercial in pidgeon talk, What’s that?Continue reading “Audible”

Would love to work in Real Estate or back into Hospitality

However theres this dude who dies an infomercial, Doesn’t tell us his name, Tells us to goggle him, Bullshit that’s not the way to get people to work with you, You talk to people, You introduce yourself, You level the playing ground, Hi I’m Val, I sell books, Write and am a poet, Great drivingContinue reading “Would love to work in Real Estate or back into Hospitality”

Sold another book today

Lost a book this week, About a mermaid, Its discouraging, Put a bunch of.books on sale, Sold three, One at six dollars and two at five, At six I get 4.80 but it was a friends book, Minus $1.25 envelope,drive to library for lable,gas to get there, The five dollar books pay $4, Its likeContinue reading “Sold another book today”

I do it too

Thriftbooks is best book exchange, You know immediately the number the seller has available, Buy or loose it, Pango doesn’t tell buyers how many are available, I have several people clinging falsely to price on sale, And to a book I only have one of, Disillusioning clientele is lying to them! I hate that! ItsContinue reading “I do it too”

Having a sale

I think every sale should be a come here with music or musical like Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Imprinted on my mind since I was a little girl watching and Lindsey Ann Warren singing Cinderella, Anyone else see that or no I’m sure I’m not the only one of my generation that watched it faithfullyContinue reading “Having a sale”

Buyer be ware

We sell used and new books, People seek deals, Like new means like new, New means never used, Excellent means not perfect, Good is better then fair, Uber allows customers to back out of a drive minutes before pickup, Screwing the driver, People are mean, I would have made $20, But a signed book backContinue reading “Buyer be ware”

One long Ass day

Still not one, No book found yet, Still sneezing, Sought no book yet, Mr.Blacks face in his food, Turned off fan I’m like a log frozen in the Mississippi River, had a hamburger and two tomato’s, Ate the veggies not the meat, Got. Wash to come out of wash, Dirties to go in, Watched loveContinue reading “One long Ass day”

Business of a book sale

Pango where I sell old/used and collectable as well as First Edition Books has no place to put a sale sign.People who wander into your on line store for the first time have No idea that you are having a special event. Going to the trouble of lowering prices is futile. Because you have toContinue reading “Business of a book sale”

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