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Have you changed?

Email or cell number, It doesn’t change you, But for a writer to loose all they wrote by where they wrote, That’s murder, For a writer what we wrote its loved like children, New better phone, WordPress is acting like now I can’t possibly be me, Bullshit,

Get this

Going on five crappyass months no phone service! One mad phone call cheek lammated to front window, Once in front of my trailer new front window, Once driving round park(mobile home that is trailer allows reader the assumption mobile homes move! There are no wheels in Iowa by law removes wheels.) One night in theContinue reading “Get this”

Silly female

I have crappyass verizon phone, She thinks I should sell books on a webinare, Cost just three grand, Reason I sell books on a free app, And have a crappyass verizon phone is have no money, The thing about business and buying is Marslow Hierarchy! What is that Professor? That’s the simple equation is fulfillingContinue reading “Silly female”


Phone company has a new deal, New deal for new clientel, More then three hundred dollar phone for ten dollars and forty dollars service a month, With all the things I’m not getting but should have for last five months, Except the Disney Plus which Never was able to get because damn verizon phone hadContinue reading “Boost”

Went no where

Food in crock pot, Still tired, Cats on lap, I thought about stuff, Got to rise put flee stuff on firpeople, Not necessary to chat, Eat supper, Data not wasted if resting was needed, I kept those safe in house, Tomorrow when out I’ll seek future endeavors, Return hopefully to those I love, Rest andContinue reading “Went no where”

When I was fifty-six

Standing on the threshold of forty-seven, My entire world was like Jenga, You know the game like giant pixie sticks pull out the wrong one and you are doomed, Mom and I were watching TV, I on the floor at moms feet with Patches, Patches was an orange cat, Patches arrived at my cat hostelContinue reading “When I was fifty-six”

Oh my ,Oh my,

Even weather bulliton shouting chicken little warning! ‘The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Recession! Little guys first! Like the worlds the Titanic! Funny no one ever says {poets,poor and animals first}, But its us that suffer way before wealthy tell us of a recession, This Jew’s book selling business doesn’t bring in aContinue reading “Oh my ,Oh my,”

i pay

Sixty-five a month for one line paid in advanced, Shitty on line verizon! The commercial bites it, Twenty-five a line, Bullshit horrible Packer Biking game advertisement giving three years at twenty&five for three years, Stupid thing!

Frozen lips

Peal, Are not appealing, Not like dry lips, Odd feeling like they burnt, My lips are pealing from I assume the ten below weather of Saturday night to and in Penny’s house, Its three below now, I might go over there tomorrow after my chores, Books are going out, A bundle to Florida and anContinue reading “Frozen lips”

Photos on Crappy Ass Verizon phone

No memory, No space, Only videos I can take are forty seconds long, Loved my LG phone could tape fourty minutes long, That’s right! That’s what I’m talking about, The LG was punk ass terrific! The $22 verizon phone is junk, Crappy ass the only way I can send a photo is to take itContinue reading “Photos on Crappy Ass Verizon phone”