To sell books

Hard when several people use site to give product away, Are they unrational? Surely if they noticed around them most of us are using the site as legitimate store fronts, I just saw a woman selling books for near Nothing and free shipping, What the hell? I would never mark a rare fine fifty cents,Continue reading “To sell books”


Happen, We are only mortal, Last Wednesday the hottest May eleventh,twenty-twenty-two, Hottest in my sixty-four years, Selling books they email the lables to me, I go eight miles to the Independence,Iowa library, Print the lables,pay ten cents, Drive to Winthrop mail the book off pay for the envelope, With tomorrow’s book sent off I haveContinue reading “Mistakes”

US Crappy Celluar

Ok, Okay! When I went to Unlimited internet it cost extra, Okay, Okay! Then when I no longer needed unlimited signs were still in windows, Thirty dollars Innlimited access per line, Okay, Okay! Then when I no longer needed it, No longer wanted it on two phones, I was told you can not have itContinue reading “US Crappy Celluar”

Customer Service & Wal-Mart Car area

I meet the most interesting , Warm-hearted individuals, Today in customer Service as I was.searching for a number, This lady was paying her Alliant Energy bill, Ladies from town starts with an O, No I can not spell it starts with a O, My always silly called it Onion, To me it sounds like Ohwine,Continue reading “Customer Service & Wal-Mart Car area”

One hundred thousand

If one hundred thousand according to the game thresh hold is only worth a dollar and twenty-five cents then I wonder why do some Bitcoin see to control a spin. The spins are done hourly. But each spin is only within approximately one hundred points at most then the first spin. Then on say aContinue reading “One hundred thousand”

Poor & Pathedic

Rammed doen our throats last year, Call government number, Check to see what ever Pathedic & pathedic Uncle Sam offered to poor Uncle Sam never cared we hated poverty, No gave money to.assist us not being poor, I finally called that number, No one told me when Pat Z dragged me to Ass Wipe IowaContinue reading “Poor & Pathedic”

Kwik Star

Clean/neat, Friendly modern, Convenient store sells gas and good food prepared Serve Safe standards, All staff clean,neat,friendly, Prosperous selling Bitcoins, Nice modern machine, I have loved the concept for years, College students paid.their way, Stories made way onto 60 minutes, They used electricity in dorm rooms, Bit cheeky, Takes alot of electricity in fact, TheseContinue reading “Kwik Star”


Stands for Glass House People, People whose point is to tell you: How to live! What your goals are! What money should be spent on! Not spending a minute in your shoes, You might care for those G.H.P., But they will never view you, Getting by is an apparation, Apparation old word, Means like aContinue reading “G.H.P.”

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