Business is business

First I thought, Can’t change prices if you people liked a book, Then thought ‘What a stupid notion!’ If customer liked the book more they would have purchased it, Until a sale the books inventory, Product like your child to see to its well being, Might be incorrect anology but “Every book or products wellContinue reading “Business is business”


Of a commodity, My product books, Old and new, Gendra:Pagan,Magic,dragons,history,educational,english,poetry,knights,. .fantasy,mystery,women writers, Everything done is like the field of dreams, Do it well, Have Outstanding product, Treat all fairly, Return business is like, Word of mouth advertising, Don’t under cut yourself, Business involve hard work and dedication, If you have books to sell send themContinue reading “Sellers”


Dreamie, Once a gift now a sale, Sitting in s box, Out of sight, Vacant of wonder, Put a price of thirty dollars, Selling books just like fishing, If the night crawlers not fresh fish swim bye, Changed prices tother day, Now just have to find the box its in, The book has made meContinue reading “Dreams”


People buy less because of need, Buy more due to low price, Mostly true with books, But with gas at $479.9 I can not in all good faith sell a book for $3, Books that have been placed in bags or on wish list I leave price, I think that is insane, In caps, IContinue reading “Conclussion”

Home Depot

Way of the times, Like Goggle maps, Now Home Depot GPX, No need to employ more, Sales people a thing of the past, Now easy,pizzy, Enter store, GPX on, Find your wants, Pay your out the door, Sign of the times? Saving gas, The planet, Good or bad, Or too late!

Three things ehh!

Ehh refers to maybe more, Went to Wal-Mart I was thinking five dollars, Now what was is no more, Not progress highway robbery, Now what I need told the cashier I had five dollars and change, When I got to no cashier counter, I still had what I came in with, Joke or insanity! Wal-MartContinue reading “Three things ehh!”

Customer Service & Wal-Mart Car area

I meet the most interesting , Warm-hearted individuals, Today in customer Service as I was.searching for a number, This lady was paying her Alliant Energy bill, Ladies from town starts with an O, No I can not spell it starts with a O, My always silly called it Onion, To me it sounds like Ohwine,Continue reading “Customer Service & Wal-Mart Car area”

Put the Cus in Customer Service

US Celluar No longer are U able yo talk to a human, Like everything There’s a fee for that, The popcorn,yellow at Walmart sold in a unit of a pound, Just last summer that fiber, Yep popcorns a fiber, Walmart Greek yogurt pint still $3.49, Wal-Mart brand yogurt still $1.92, But popcorn yellow now isContinue reading “Put the Cus in Customer Service”

Gentle rain

Maybe spring has come, Then flowers às colorful as the merchandiser at be Walmart yesterday morning, Shocking pink, Loud annoying pink, I often pictured people who put product on shelves as businesslike, The reason they are doing their job is to move product, Loud pink shirt was not silent, Loud hot pink shouts, Loud pinkContinue reading “Gentle rain”

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