Would love to work in Real Estate or back into Hospitality

However theres this dude who dies an infomercial, Doesn’t tell us his name, Tells us to goggle him, Bullshit that’s not the way to get people to work with you, You talk to people, You introduce yourself, You level the playing ground, Hi I’m Val, I sell books, Write and am a poet, Great drivingContinue reading “Would love to work in Real Estate or back into Hospitality”

Sold another book today

Lost a book this week, About a mermaid, Its discouraging, Put a bunch of.books on sale, Sold three, One at six dollars and two at five, At six I get 4.80 but it was a friends book, Minus $1.25 envelope,drive to library for lable,gas to get there, The five dollar books pay $4, Its likeContinue reading “Sold another book today”

Pango Books

When a seller posts a sale according to a woman named Gaby, The buyer has to contact you the seller, Then you Not Pango need to find the second book and augment(change thr price), Pango will not do it at checkout! How whacked is that?????? No one knows there operating thoughts about a sale! IContinue reading “Pango Books”


We were taught at Mt. Rushmore ‘Add on Sales!’ Is it a positive move to mention a sale all the time? Surely no one wants to make a paying client uncomfortable? Today I faced that delema, I was literally on the way to the post office with a purchased book, I thought better of mentionContinue reading “Business”


Business, Selling and shipping books, One guys snippy six dollar John Deere book, childs book sending it back, Took pictures of book said someone bit it! I didn’t,I haven’t a dog, Bought the book at book Will Decorah,Iowa between 2011 and 2014, A children John Deere around the farm, tucked it away, Always wanted toContinue reading “Returns”

A lovely thing

Best is to eat in a friends kitchen, Or one of my favorite resteraunts, Not a lovely thing eating something very yummy while my firfamily watch, Whinning, Meow!-translation thought you loved us,its not very loving not sharing! Tonight I had two huge cans of’let’s lable this beef stew, One I stuck in my saved bowlContinue reading “A lovely thing”

Want to clean out your books

Make a buck or two, I’ll post them, Mail them for a small fee, So much per ten books sold, Old and new, Gay and straight, Cookbooks, Educational, Take the hardship out of you, Children books, Why give books away, Good will is no longer our parents good will, They sell things on eBay, MakeContinue reading “Want to clean out your books”

Business of a book sale

Pango where I sell old/used and collectable as well as First Edition Books has no place to put a sale sign.People who wander into your on line store for the first time have No idea that you are having a special event. Going to the trouble of lowering prices is futile. Because you have toContinue reading “Business of a book sale”

Having a sale July tenth to witching hour on the twentieth of July

I pay shipping on $30 order or above. So without further ado or elegance! 6/$6 for $30 or 5/$7 books for $30,I like lowered many books so all can find a bargain. Then at three bells {3am} all lowered books will magically like Cinderella’s clothes,pumkin,mice all revert to normal price until Halloween. And another saleContinue reading “Having a sale July tenth to witching hour on the twentieth of July”

Business is business

First I thought, Can’t change prices if you people liked a book, Then thought ‘What a stupid notion!’ If customer liked the book more they would have purchased it, Until a sale the books inventory, Product like your child to see to its well being, Might be incorrect anology but “Every book or products wellContinue reading “Business is business”

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