Store second hand, Stuff name of store, Books to pricie, Only found one hard cover, Hard cover sells, Best shop, My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @valwhitewolf | https://pangobooks.com/bookstore/valwhitewolf

Brilliant Endevour

Online Bookstore Platform, I find so many people acting like the opportunity to have a business and make profit is crimminal, What”s wrong with making an honest buck? So many people are acting like making a sale is like an election, Surely people know Harry Potter is still a book worth more then $2, TwoContinue reading “Brilliant Endevour”

Seeking three

One’s Tennyson, One’s Og the Frog, Ones a history book, If wanted in sequence that would be swell, But no and since over fifteen dollars I eat the postage, Still earns me sixteen and a half nearly, Minus what PayPal will take, I still hate PayPal, I wanted direct deposit, Its stupid to pay peopleContinue reading “Seeking three”

To sell books

Hard when several people use site to give product away, Are they unrational? Surely if they noticed around them most of us are using the site as legitimate store fronts, I just saw a woman selling books for near Nothing and free shipping, What the hell? I would never mark a rare fine fifty cents,Continue reading “To sell books”


Happen, We are only mortal, Last Wednesday the hottest May eleventh,twenty-twenty-two, Hottest in my sixty-four years, Selling books they email the lables to me, I go eight miles to the Independence,Iowa library, Print the lables,pay ten cents, Drive to Winthrop mail the book off pay for the envelope, With tomorrow’s book sent off I haveContinue reading “Mistakes”

Why Paypal?

Mailed sixth book today, Returned to car, Less the oven it was Monday, Could not logon, Was told I have no account, I had to uninstall and install twice, I said I posted 507 books, Felt like I been punched in the gut! Found out they only pay vie PayPal, I was screwed, In 2015Continue reading “Why Paypal?”

My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @val644759 | https://pangobooks.com/bookstore/val644759

Sold seven, Five address, Mississippi, Wyoming, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Arizona, Waiting in Winthrop,Iowa, Post office reopens at 230 , Quasqueton,Iowa closes at noon, I will have made $32, Have to get my own envelope, I will ask Judy to print gor me,

Purchaser/ seller

Your book Gendra’s, Buyer I am, Inventory books, Purchaser to move, Selling inventory markets mine, Purchaser employeed by others, Goals not mine yours, Entrepreneur goal sell and buy books I love, Read some, Sell all, Val’s Whitewolf Media, Matters not site I sell on its not mine, Inventory is

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