Asleep with pussycats

Four slept on me, Black in his kennel, Emily and Teddy on the counter, Cold night I worry for all who survive without, Without food, Without a home, Without love, Penny thinks I should apply for video security at Mount Mercy in Waterloo,Iowa, I want to only work animal rescue for a no kill animalContinue reading “Asleep with pussycats”

Sold another book today

Lost a book this week, About a mermaid, Its discouraging, Put a bunch of.books on sale, Sold three, One at six dollars and two at five, At six I get 4.80 but it was a friends book, Minus $1.25 envelope,drive to library for lable,gas to get there, The five dollar books pay $4, Its likeContinue reading “Sold another book today”


If your puzzled, Me too, Feel better, Wander from box to box, Literately, Sitting for breakfast now twelve seventeen pm, Sweating like a lumber Jack! Like sweating, Think all question should be followed by exclamation point, Its like a woman asking ‘tell me truly is my butt big?!’ No one wants that question, Gay orContinue reading “Sick!?”

Lesbian Books for sale

Funny in an area when no one sells them, No one buys them, I know we are here, A gay guy works customer service, Walmart,Independence Iowa, Are we still not even markable, Its twenty-twenty-two not twelve twelve when women were seen and not heard, My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @valwhitewolf |

Side hustle

To me sounds like a dance, Like the rabbit hop done along a wall, It seems like ever few breaths now on YouTube someones commercial is trying to sell a side hussle, Or passive income! I would love extra cash, I would live people to see I would sell their books soft cover and hard,Continue reading “Side hustle”


Other book sellers, I sell on Pango, I buy second hand in second hand shops,Good Will,Given to our local library and www, I normally am not a reader of others comments, Having for over fifty years bought books and stored them away in hopes of resale I never found others negativity of use, IContinue reading “Reviews”

Pango Books

When a seller posts a sale according to a woman named Gaby, The buyer has to contact you the seller, Then you Not Pango need to find the second book and augment(change thr price), Pango will not do it at checkout! How whacked is that?????? No one knows there operating thoughts about a sale! IContinue reading “Pango Books”


We were taught at Mt. Rushmore ‘Add on Sales!’ Is it a positive move to mention a sale all the time? Surely no one wants to make a paying client uncomfortable? Today I faced that delema, I was literally on the way to the post office with a purchased book, I thought better of mentionContinue reading “Business”


Business, Selling and shipping books, One guys snippy six dollar John Deere book, childs book sending it back, Took pictures of book said someone bit it! I didn’t,I haven’t a dog, Bought the book at book Will Decorah,Iowa between 2011 and 2014, A children John Deere around the farm, tucked it away, Always wanted toContinue reading “Returns”

Used books

Sold even in new condition are not Barnes and Noble new, If books were the prices would be ten to fifty or more bucks, Most older books especially children books don’t have book covers! I’m getting a book returned ‘John Deere childrens farm book! No blemishes! No cover! Not new! I charge $6 for it,Continue reading “Used books”

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