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Eleven thirty-four

November twenty-third twenty twenty-two , Down from Fifty-one to thirty-eight, Was a lovely intoxication day, I sat in my car texted Canada, Did two YouTube Video’s, Decided all job sites are damn liars, Company run by liars, Pissed, Fed up! People on end of lines need to understand English, Being asked if interested in college,Continue reading “Eleven thirty-four”



How stupid are job site’s? I get sent job after job, Omaha is over four hours away, I’m not leaving Iowa until I go to Wisconsin. You know there are jobs, I’m unable to stand eight hours on concrete.. Hungry, A bit sad, Going home I excel at carrying for elderly and never met anContinue reading “Omaha,N.E.”

Next week past forty

Irrational, Irksome, Terrible cold, Like magic next week next to fifty degrees, Time warp! Tarsus, No,no , I’ll stick with irrational, First of December temperatures, Plummith once more, Some wizard is playing with the temperature, If they it is irrationally warm up north what is it in the tropics? Having Verizon I have no wayContinue reading “Next week past forty”

Consumed heart

Is it better to forge friendships, Is loneliness branded upon your heart at birth, Is passion a fire within that blows out? Is happiness a touch of her thigh? The delight of the chase, The surge of the victory reached at climax, One heart beat, Two heart beats, Three then death, Or are we likeContinue reading “Consumed heart”

November but still February temperature

Historic chill in northern Iowa air, Unnormal ten degrees low, Months early deep freeze, No surprise last three years our winters have gotten worse, An oozing injury and a government puts a small bandaid on global warming, Two nineteen food stamps, Fuck that! Last month I had eleven dollars, Wasn’t going to use their moneyContinue reading “November but still February temperature”

Warm n wet

Sweet and tender, Arousal, Tantalizing, Charlene Harris sex scenes with love in ‘In an ice cold grave!’ If I was not sure I was a lesbian knowing what I love in my mouth and reading heteralsexual written sex I would want something else, I’m selling the book, The book did nothing for me, I loveContinue reading “Warm n wet”


I have the series, Its one of the book series I will sell, Or not I sell what never touches my heart, Independence,Iowa’s library I ground had the first four seasons, I borrowed them out yesterday when I was there yesterday printing my label to send off ‘My father’s dragon’ to California, Its pretty goodContinue reading “Outlander”


You think Santa’s elf’s have attitude, Well! At the Heike’s house in Quasqueton,Iowa that’s where real Attitude hangs! Without further adui, Pomp or circumstance, Drum roll please Mistro, Ta,da! Meow,Meow,Wow! For the first time ever allow me to introduce, The cat burgled with Extra Meow, The last and youngest Heike who purrs, Miss Molly EllenContinue reading “Meow,meow,”


Kittens alive, Inside, And nursing, Momma and baby and aunt Val’s exceedingly pleased,

Saints be praised

Baby kitten is still alive, Extremely cold, I was the nearest to her I have been, I decided against volunteering at Hospice, I have always had my vocation, I don’t need classes to be compassionate, Sold a book got to go to not a Dollar tree, Scrap my money together by an envelope or two,Continue reading “Saints be praised”