Store second hand, Stuff name of store, Books to pricie, Only found one hard cover, Hard cover sells, Best shop, My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @valwhitewolf | https://pangobooks.com/bookstore/valwhitewolf

A perfect book selling app

Platform, Should have Quantity of each book a book seller is selling, List ,how many books are being sold per author, Maybe a Funnle, A Funnle would assist buyers to bundle other books written by a particular author, Then Seller would not be Put out by buyers asking them yo go through their eight hundredContinue reading “A perfect book selling app”


Of a commodity, My product books, Old and new, Gendra:Pagan,Magic,dragons,history,educational,english,poetry,knights,. .fantasy,mystery,women writers, Everything done is like the field of dreams, Do it well, Have Outstanding product, Treat all fairly, Return business is like, Word of mouth advertising, Don’t under cut yourself, Business involve hard work and dedication, If you have books to sell send themContinue reading “Sellers”

Bloody footprints

Have you ever pondered, Atomic comics and the roadrunner, Or how many times you zig and zag, Going hither and tither, I had not! And yet replaying yesterdays bloodletting I see blood here and There and everywhere, It wasn’t until I retraced my steps that I saw blood on the carpet too, A friend namedContinue reading “Bloody footprints”


People wanting to see more photos of a graphic novel, On a platform I have places 722 books, Books kept in tubs, Book listed below publication price, Discovered book is first edition, Posted more photos, Jacked price two bucks, For new, First edition, Graphic novel, I made no attempt to hide my Pentagon, This bookContinue reading “Annoying”

Brilliant Endevour

Online Bookstore Platform, I find so many people acting like the opportunity to have a business and make profit is crimminal, What”s wrong with making an honest buck? So many people are acting like making a sale is like an election, Surely people know Harry Potter is still a book worth more then $2, TwoContinue reading “Brilliant Endevour”

Seven thirty nine

Nearing June, Still cold, Fifty so far, May twenty-forth, hard to see grey sky, Its there suppose to be rainy day, Got to go mail book sold Friday, Tried to send Saturday, Kitten in my arms, Have s blessed day all, https://www.tiktok.com/@valwhitewolfmedia/video/7101277591096560939?_r=1&u_code=dmem3mj7h356i4&preview_pb=0&language=en&_d=dmem44k1b69926&share_item_id=7101277591096560939&source=h5_m&timestamp=1653395635&user_id=7048852354673935365&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAA73_FBK0rB6OrbE7OZ2b5y_MEP6TzIKh2FX61VwGsHyE3A_3gPOpVs8lo7o0nZHYa&utm_source=copy&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=android&share_iid=7094284575061722926&share_link_id=7d32962c-3ab5-4c88-8564-f374617109d0&share_app_id=1233&ugbiz_name=Main

Seeking three

One’s Tennyson, One’s Og the Frog, Ones a history book, If wanted in sequence that would be swell, But no and since over fifteen dollars I eat the postage, Still earns me sixteen and a half nearly, Minus what PayPal will take, I still hate PayPal, I wanted direct deposit, Its stupid to pay peopleContinue reading “Seeking three”

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