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Tea time

Fell asleep hearing my read back, Water heated again, Checked my home, Made sure all my babies have food, Yelled at Sadie, Never start kitties drinking from your water bottle lid, Why they love it! Now my time, good rest all you wonderful imaginable fellows, You writer who I am honored by, Just knowing youContinue reading “Tea time”


About eight

Favorite books, Three true dog tails, i mean tales, The Egyptian Game, One of Farley’s Black Stallion stories, ‘the Black Stallion and the girl,’ A girl story in Africa about lions, Well it was a. Halloween bundle of eight. One book was a fictions story about a farm with talking animals on a farm, IContinue reading “About eight”


Seems like it feels, Another seven days has past, Sometimes it feels like a year, Some weeks are longer, Memory makes them that way, Funny or sad, Empty or full, To awake with my youngest by my side, In my arms, Starts my day, Happy, Cheerful, Always better than sad,

End of Chapter 17,Black Stallion Challenge by Walter Farley

Chapter 16,Black Stallion Challenge by Walter Farley

Chapter 15,Black Stallion Challenge by Walter Farley