Sherry Ann Mason,

We shared dreams, They never came to furation{ my word}, Empty future, I’m growing my one lesbian tote garden, I would put up married again in FaceBook profile just to keep males who can not grasp I love only women, Not Bi, I always saw bisexuals as cheats, If not happy where their hearts pullContinue reading “Sherry Ann Mason,”

Sad all I have to give is me,

Was mentioned to me today, Have you ever noticed, In Quasqueton trailer park theres never a yard sale! No I said, First I thought that statement might have merrit, Then knew it did not, I’m from Waukon, Iowa, Sales all the time in the parks. Were not lazy here , I liked my sisters answer,Continue reading “Sad all I have to give is me,”

End of Chapter 15,Katie up and down the hall by Glenn Plaskin

Party girls

Chapter 10,Katie up and down the hall by Glenn Plaskin


Letters in a bedside table

Today August 7th, is my mom’a birthday artist, musician,Thespian, giver. Cook, mother, home maker,school teacher, wife my Nana.Yepper Nana was all of those things. Nana’s dad’s family settled in Allamakee County,Waterville,Iowa. Her dad pure Norweign married a girl from Winneshiek County. The young farmer to be married a Bergusen. In covered wagons they went toContinue reading “Letters in a bedside table”