Endangered Animal people

I’m poor, No money, I help all I can with what I have, Calling me to make me more sorry for those I can’t assist won’t fly! As a pagan I send my strongest heart felt help those with money will fund you, As a writer and an entrepreneur book dealer its not me! PleaseContinue reading “Endangered Animal people”

Dancing trees,

Winter storm never arrived, Swaying tree tops, Pitching too and fro, Massive walnuts, Buchanan County, I cranked up the heat, Still one moment, The next dancing on the tree tops, So happy no nest yet, Living in my metal tube, Wind outside felt within, Ling for property and a cellar if my own, No placeContinue reading “Dancing trees,”


In twenty twenty I lost my best friend & mom, Second time first time January two fifteen, Lost my baby sister, I morn them both until my end draws to a close, Met a lovely black calico and her two adult kittens, One evening in August the scary smoker neighbor brought by, Miss Emily theContinue reading “Sammy”

Thirty Turkeys

Thirty Turkeys in a field, Thirty Turkeys in last years corn, Thirty Turkey’s pecking, Waddling doing their thing, Thirty Turkeys in a field less scary then… Unmanned Sambozie zooming, Here there everywhere, Walmart progressive still uses plastic bags, But no longer employees drivers if the Zambozie, How very odd? How very strange, How sad, TurkeysContinue reading “Thirty Turkeys”

Dog meat

There a guy on TikTok that rescues dogs caught, My Goddess beautiful horses killed I thought horrid, But to murder dogs for food sickens me, I want all those dregs of society that profit of animals that love heads on post. They will continue as long as there is a market, Just like killing bearsContinue reading “Dog meat”


Twinkle,twinkle,driving into Independence,Iowa, Past a yard, Fifty if not a million, Shifting from side to side, Starling,Starling, Winters birds, Saw one crow, Most yards no birds, No cows, Or horses neigh a field, Just one yard, Not a spot to stir, Flutter, flutter, Hungry winter Iowan’s birds, A plenty, Starling,Starling, Little bird, Cause a poetContinue reading “Starling,Starling,”

Hey Turkey

. . .Here turkey, …..There turkey, …..Peck a little here, . …Peck a little more, ……Two days ago, …….An Iowan field, ……..Buchan County winter scene, …….Thirty turkeys like small Iowan farms,, …….Scratching out a living, ……..Working hard, …….Scratching in Iowa dirt, . ……..Over farmed, ……….Eating chemicals, ………Then in season they , …………The unlucky ones, .Continue reading “Hey Turkey”

Chapter 59,Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin, Book 5, Jon

https://www.spreaker.com/episode/47589701 https://www.spreaker.com/episode/47590421

Chapter 29,Dance with dragins by George RR Martin

Chapter 29a, https://youtu.be/cyL5oqdoDZY Chapter 29b, https://youtu.be/T0DrtKovN-g Chapter 29c, https://youtu.be/MjkEjgYhrsY

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