Just breathe

Moment by moment, Just breathe, Stars ignite, Tears fall, Just breathe, Eyes are full, Years flip by Heart aches, A giggle is heard, Just breathe, A puppy barks, A kitten purrs, A baby cries, I sigh, Those I love taken away, Alone stands I, One lesbian butch alone weeps, Just breathe,

Endangered Animal people

I’m poor, No money, I help all I can with what I have, Calling me to make me more sorry for those I can’t assist won’t fly! As a pagan I send my strongest heart felt help those with money will fund you, As a writer and an entrepreneur book dealer its not me! PleaseContinue reading “Endangered Animal people”

Dog meat

There a guy on TikTok that rescues dogs caught, My Goddess beautiful horses killed I thought horrid, But to murder dogs for food sickens me, I want all those dregs of society that profit of animals that love heads on post. They will continue as long as there is a market, Just like killing bearsContinue reading “Dog meat”

Good deal

Every unknown email, You’ve been selected to receive, Why, How, Who!, What’s there deal?, Who are they?, Don’t call me Val, Its my name, I don’t know you, You don’t know me, Don’t request money I don’t have, Can’t earn, Want, Need, You ever seen me happy, Felt my poets tears, Saw me lost, StoodContinue reading “Good deal”

Lonesome that’s me

Are we suppose to out live our baby sister? I missed Ellen Beth five years before my half sister crushed her, Ellen died shortly after Diana’s visit, October the twenty-ninth,twenty twenty, Four months twenty- three days after my mom my friend had a massive stroke due to codeine posining. Codine packs in Texas are notContinue reading “Lonesome that’s me”

My Pen names

Val Heike, Val Littlewolf, Val Heike, George Littlewolf, https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Val_Littlewolf_Heike/publication/280742346_The_Mean_Theory/links/55c51cf808aeb9756741f145/The-Mean-Theory?origin=publication_list https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281376265_When_Life_gives_you_lemons_make_Lemonade Val littlewolf works from her heart and the pen from Val Heike PDF https://www.researchgate.net/publication/305044295_Can’t_see_the_forest_for_the_trees


A delightful wee Yorkie, My neighbor brought her girl over today, My girls all girls ran before Tinker, Black my boy was in hiding, The kittens never saw a dog before, They ran to my office, Sat at the door, Mr. Black sat on my wee table and watched, It was more human and peacefulContinue reading “Tinker”

Chapter 31 – End book,Mysterious Circus by Jane Langton

Hall Family Series Chapter 31, https://youtu.be/MG11vv0V5oM Chapter 32, https://youtu.be/V-HwNfhG3fo Chapter 33, https://youtu.be/sO4RHpBHHFA Chapter 34, https://youtu.be/g75R4_Pzfbw Chapter 35-37, https://youtu.be/_I2c_jpRcq8 Chapter 38-43, https://youtu.be/geEa0O6PL_s Chapter 44-47, https://youtu.be/6T-xv2D30aM Chapter 47-51, https://youtu.be/xV2nX0yuMoQ Chapter 51, https://youtu.be/Npzi9pPbVg0

Chapter 21-30,Mysterious Circus by Jane Langton

Chapter 21, https://youtu.be/RaRSClfVeAo Chapter 22, https://youtu.be/_Bv49sCPPDQ Chapter 23, https://youtu.be/85bLaroDO-w Chapter 24, https://youtu.be/-pnLiYlknew Chapter 25, https://youtu.be/Ivjl1SC_D58 Chapter 26-31, https://youtu.be/AfcovJVFy8s

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