Epilogue and Historic notes plus all chapters from this book on my YouTube Channle:Diary Margret Ann Brady, Voyage on the Titanic

03/31/1912, https://valwhitewolfmedia.wordpress.com/2020/06/30/preamblevoyage-of-the-great-titanicdiary-of-margret-ann-brady/ 04/01/1912, https://youtu.be/9WjKl60EM44 April 2 and 3rd 1912, https://youtu.be/teQG_qPoPAU April 4,5,6,6,7,8,1912, https://youtu.be/iIP7Is-y4RU April 09,1912, https://youtu.be/xo0RLoHL_8g April 10a, https://youtu.be/udODNj0isHU April 10b, https://youtu.be/DodpF9RdLRQ April 11th,1912, https://youtu.be/Cyn3qhRUDNg April 12,1912, https://youtu.be/nJSgn2epSX4 April 13,1912, https://youtu.be/_pbZI-59PaI April 14th,1912, https://youtu.be/BCFjdV8nGwo April 15a,1912, https://youtu.be/pzuT9haRz-M April 15b,1912, https://youtu.be/5h6VmIo80eU April 15c,1912, https://youtu.be/1Icya5FLaxw April 16th, 1912,https://youtu.be/4MiBvPOiMPM April 17th,1912, https://youtu.be/WEZ-_Ke8-_s April 18,1912, https://youtu.be/jlECc7Cf72s April 19,1912, https://youtu.be/5Wc1IiiQhCEContinue reading “Epilogue and Historic notes plus all chapters from this book on my YouTube Channle:Diary Margret Ann Brady, Voyage on the Titanic”


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Once there was …

A dance called the Stroll Before my time A sweet Humbleish Shy Dance Once there was Once there was! Stroll went like this Two long lines Musical Grease showed it The ends of the lines Joined hands Prominaded down the alley Between the lined No high svhool dance for me Not due to shyness NoContinue reading “Once there was …”

Chapter 12,Lancaster County Amish Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Mattie and Jamie


Dr.L.N.Heike my dad


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Tongue in cheek

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Chapter 7d,The cat that came to Christmas by Cleveland Amory

Chapter 7c,The cat who came to Christmas by Cleveland

Chapter 1 & 2b,Thunder dog by Michael Hingson & Suzy Flory

instruction how to walk when blind with dog partner.