Chapter 1 & 2b,Thunder dog by Michael Hingson & Suzy Flory

instruction how to walk when blind with dog partner.

Chapter 1b,Storm of Sords by George R.R.Martin

Dungeons were not cleanes in River run were not the cleanest.

79a.Greetings: Abusive family members depend on those they abuse’s silence. Those that abuse us are still monsters well you tell your story or not.

Right wrongs done you Write the truth.

Lesbian December chat from Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle,2019

People do not expect you to be a good person.

Chapter 13a,A big little life by Dean Koontz

Not wary

Chapter 11, A big little life by Dean Koontz

fireworks that did not Boom

End of Chapter 7,A big little life by Dean Koontz

Trixie CCI Dean Koontz