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Cat mom Not preschool teacher!

Cat mom puts disobedient often in time out three days in row, No screaming, No discomfort, Forth day kitten doesn’t try once to leave the house, Lesson taught and learned, Cat mom uses old crock pot one more time before pot becomes part of garden this year, Two meats placed in small crock pot, DoubleContinue reading “Cat mom Not preschool teacher!”


For me is determined by being happy, I just was reclining with two kittens and a main coon, I was beyond pleased, Tomorrow my happiness increases, Money isn’t the means to my happiness, A baby was found Little orange boy, My heart always has room, So same cold out, Nother stretch of cold heading forContinue reading “Wealth”

First bath

Brought into back hot water n towel, Baby humans easier first bath, Less kicking and screaming, Threats of biting, Yelling thoughts like thought you loved me! The hardest part was the carrying, There’s a reason I like my or liked my electric tea pot in my office/bedroom, The reason I shake, I splatter, I spill!Continue reading “First bath”

Off to LaLa land

Want to drive to town by six am, All schools in northern Iowa including my home town predicting to open two hours late, That’s crap and parents allow it, Risk children’s lives twice, At ten am and then a few hours later once again, Did you know some children are on busses in the countryContinue reading “Off to LaLa land”

Sention beings

Humanity finds it hard, What stupid beast we are, Judging other mammals only worth to be hunted to extinction, Mere ornaments for a wall, Let’s look at human traits: Thought animals four and two figure things out, Cognitive thought my cats hate walking on the ground its to humdrum they prefer jumping from box ofContinue reading “Sention beings”

Girl kittens

More rowdy, Play with hangers, Little boys that I have known do not, Interesting the wee one I caught last week, Stands and wobbles empty and full hangers, They capture her imagination, It tickles me, It annoys me, They never rehang the clothes, Or beg forgiveness,

Snapping turtle

Chester ate a non cat food, Chester worked and worked to dialog the bit of whatever(bread), I try to jump on and help, Nearly lost a finger, Snap,snap, Snapping turtle, Then it was out, I was so thankful,

I love babies

The wee kitten with the grace of good will nearly two weeks ago after a week of horrid Iowa cold zero to ten degrees the little kitten was caught, I will never forget the look she gave me as she ran, Stopped glanced back, Then disappeared round the corner, Next day she so wanted toContinue reading “I love babies”

Pot of gold

I awoke, Door closed, Baby fireball missing, I could hear distant meows, One look spoke volumes, Door closed guarded by Miss Sophie, Grey calicos are like wardens, The silently prayed she was alive and well, Meow, Her momma miss Penni was at the doorway to the bathroom, Room I sorely was in need of going,Continue reading “Pot of gold”

Older cats funny not ha,ha

Older strange data, Not accepting younger mothers, Will bath a baby, Kitten will sleep away from mother in box of cloth shopping bags, Human adopted mom(me)brought kitten back to my room water then up front, Older cats OK with powder puff, Rowdy vocally pissed when young me m seeks her young, More interesting then funny,Continue reading “Older cats funny not ha,ha”