Rabbits cry

When I was a kid spent lots of time saving animals, Mouse,mole, Some I got to in time,. Some I had funerals for, The worse were bunnies, You might not see them, Your, My dreams were tormented by the scream, It might surprise you city folk, Bunnies are just like cats, They cuddle nice, BecomeContinue reading “Rabbits cry”

Do you think its easy?

Do we assist others to make a fool of us? If we practice forgetting they will not let us do it, If we believe that in those friends are we opening the gate, Letting proverbial cows out, Are dogs escaping, Will people always let us down? Today I grabbed popcycles thought I’d give them toContinue reading “Do you think its easy?”

Another little voice

Some of us wanted children, Some of us helped at home, Do you know what it feels like not to fit, Be absolutely the last one picked always, That was me, That is me, I’m here hearing my empowerment speech, Some take only vitamins, I cared and loved my mom, Then bango bingo I wasContinue reading “Another little voice”

Chapter 9a, young Fredle by Cynthia Voigt


Chapter 4,Aliens on rampage by Clete Barrett Smith

Sequal Aliens on vacation

Chapter 9,Star of wonder by JoAnn S. Dawson

Chapter 9,A dog year by Jon Katz

Chapter 18,Yada,Yada prayer group gets decked out Neta Jackson


End of Chapter 12,Yada,Yada religious group gets decked out by Neta Jackson