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Calling, When I thought I was two, I saw Mattie at her bulk foods, Love the Amish, For years I bought mom and me peaches, Shared with Ellen, My younger sister never got me, I share not out of duty, Not cause I’m required to, I share because if makes things better, Food tastes better,Continue reading “Peaches”

Bent with time

Yesterday while self checking out at Wally World, Cedar Rapids,IA, When I was a kid No one checked them self out without a mirror, Now Walmart to cheap to employ cashier, Checking outs done with a scanner, Place items on a machine like a printer with number facing down, Then out price of item isContinue reading “Bent with time”

Chapter 9,Beyond Spiderwick by Tony Di Terlizzi and Holly Black

Volume 1 Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8a, Chapter 8b, Chapter 8c, Chapter 9,

First week August

Last night felt like first October My cat and I slept like logs Tucked under two blankets You know quilt and throw! Until I yelled get off me cramped! Drank some water Took a stroll Recovered me and of course cat Garsh darn if it were not fifty-three this morn A week past not aContinue reading “First week August”

Abused : human and animal

We are the real people who need people We hate loneliness We want to trust Hit to much Words Fist Humans that harmed us continue People refuse to see our abuse SCRAPGOATS are unwilling/handy victims Why is it easier for humans to believe a lie then the truth in front of their noses? The onlyContinue reading “Abused : human and animal”