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No Zing!

Anticipation of no longer lonely stinks as much as sure people have changed.Some people become victims of others or cirrcumstance. Others blame others for their lot in life. Since an old friend has come from Montena to start or take me to her state I’m so impressed by me it shocking! How dare her believeContinue reading “No Zing!”

Is it true?

Hello its 537 am Saturday morning Ossian Iowa lesbian and black cat awake. Person less awake Black . Mr. Black is feeling under the weather so has peed on a blanket and poohed by the door. I spend nearly all wake hours doing content for my You tube channle Val Whitewolf Media. Very little timeContinue reading “Is it true?”

Watch “1. Winter step 1 and Winter step 2” on YouTube

Winter step 1 and 2 Does your Electric company add money to your bill every month? November and December 2018 Alliant Energy they added 62 dollars a month. Starting this month January 2019 they have jacked up that additional fee from 62 to 84 adding another 22 dollars. I use energy like my grandmother usedContinue reading “Watch “1. Winter step 1 and Winter step 2” on YouTube”

Ever notice,Have you visited Youtube?

Hello, January 21,2019, I have discovered if you acknowlege the collector of spacific media like putting it un the discription so and so was thanks to A&E or ET or CBS no emails from You tube telling why the media just added had been pulled. Hello I got the answer I was seeking as longContinue reading “Ever notice,Have you visited Youtube?”