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Stay clear

Warning,Warning Will Robinson! Writer writing! Stay clear! Everyday woman becomes? Tasmanian devil! Warning warning! Stay clear!

That’s a crock

Funny plastic shoes, What’s in a word , Once rubber was said, Now no one says rubber shoes, Everything’s plastic, A form of rubber, Stiffer no longer black, Frying pans use to be all black, I have two hand me downs red and one blue, No better, Had no tools after Diana nuked our laundryContinue reading “That’s a crock”

Thirty-nine degrees

December 14th,2022, Rained all last night, Northern Iowa, When I was a kid that last if rain we had was in October, Global Warming is a bitch, At least gas prices have less robber barons stealing from us not able to afford thirty thousand dollar highbreds.

Today when out

Verizon took it upon itself to load to my small phone Disney Plus, Now I hate them more then before, My cell has no internet, Unless at certain spots, The card is too small, Cannot be replace, What I have on the phone is what I need, I cannot stream their is no memory forContinue reading “Today when out”

Another fifty mph wind

When wind is so strong your vehicle sounds like a thin bit of metal, But you still need antifreeze and to mail books to Alaska, My cousin John Rohr & wife own the bakery there, Probably not seen John since his sister Rebekah’s death in the eighty’s, When you say a number its like thatContinue reading “Another fifty mph wind”

Sention beings

Humanity finds it hard, What stupid beast we are, Judging other mammals only worth to be hunted to extinction, Mere ornaments for a wall, Let’s look at human traits: Thought animals four and two figure things out, Cognitive thought my cats hate walking on the ground its to humdrum they prefer jumping from box ofContinue reading “Sention beings”


Wonder how much thought becomes intuition? Let’s examine Playdough, Mom had a recipe for eatable, But I bet the thinker was having some hard constipation before the inspiration dawn upon him or her which ever the case might be, When I busy in the smallest room in my home I just want to be done,Continue reading “Intuition”


Saw many changes in her life, A hundred and three last birthday hit, An artist admired, An artist loved, Broke her hip, Then family decided her fate, No longer free, Raised a son and a daughter, Lost a husband an a husband, Her daughter in law one of her daughters and good friend, Loved toContinue reading “Laura”

Drizzle in Buchanan,County

Just starting eight hours from when those in science said it would begin thanks a lot, Is this the precision that has those in the south believing America is going to finally have that internal revolution that those of us who studied history knew was coming? I had a friend tell me last week inContinue reading “Drizzle in Buchanan,County”

Two Need

At home real employment, One worked fifteen years on legs, Standing on concrete, Not wandering around, In one location, Needs a knee replaced, Not possible, Ulcer behind knees, Was better when forced onto temporary disability, Now she is back to work, Can’t get sick, Catholic hospital in Waterloo,Iowa saw to that, See due to forcedContinue reading “Two Need”