If disability exists where are the jobs?

Where are the honest employers that see, Wanting to work people sometimes need funds to, I have ok be paid of shoes, Long feet, When young was six foot, Only chest in family no bra, Good person Good people don’t deserve fake jobs from INDEED! Tone bullied by fake employers, Need money fast, Winters coming,Continue reading “If disability exists where are the jobs?”

??? Interesting!

The government is funny, Not ha,ha, Funny sad, A video about the importance of all life, The significance of all babies got my video removed, Yet the Eugenics was a government program geared at rounding up poor people and making them all sterile! Government Our Believed Poor People made Poor People! https://www.pbs.org/independentlens/blog/unwanted-sterilization-and-eugenics-programs-in-the-united-states/ Guess the governmentContinue reading “??? Interesting!”

Why is it offensive to YouTube my saving ‘All babies are important?’

They removed a video and it was of my newest kitten. A friend if mine said it was offensive because I said all babies are important. I said all life matters. And I believe all life matters. I was referring to Human Services who deem themselves gods and still allow abusive parents to beat theirContinue reading “Why is it offensive to YouTube my saving ‘All babies are important?’”

Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist book 1,Flight of the Phoenix by R.L. La Fevers

Chapter 1, https://youtu.be/XZvuPpv0Wt8 Chapter 2, https://youtu.be/zsc9yuwYYaE Chapter 3, https://youtu.be/By_bp8BI_R0 Chapter 4, https://youtu.be/VsAZI8fnOgE Chapter 5, https://youtu.be/GortQOiqIQY Chapter 6, https://youtu.be/JzPTjUqZgQk Chaoter 7, https://youtu.be/0kMnBZTRhos Chapter 8,9 & 10, https://youtu.be/Q9ZqTeJKqfY Chapyer 11 & 12, https://youtu.be/xpOpLY3AVO8 Chapter 13,14,15, https://youtu.be/ur97NnyJkuM Chapter 16,17,18, https://youtu.be/mZR2ZAc6NC8

Chapter 19,Feast of Crows by George R.R.Martin

Chapter 17a, https://youtu.be/CXUJ9pnZxSA Chapter 17b, https://youtu.be/6jHae_kS888 Chapter 17c, https://youtu.be/_Iiwo2Z6ofk Chapter 18a, https://youtu.be/7g5Cpv5Pfew Chapter 18b, https://youtu.be/pkrJHZEqAks Chapter 18c, https://youtu.be/oBVjPFwdNlk Chapter 18d, https://youtu.be/A5_omiJKVSk Chapter 19a, https://youtu.be/jIf-Bv7rZ6Y Chapter 19b, https://youtu.be/18oPzmVJSs8 Chapter 19c, https://youtu.be/yzEUb6SumK8

Don Angle,Waukon,Iowa

Labling me

Are people just for filling holes in others life?

I feel without a vehical my worth is invisible. Judy puts it this way I have reserved athe day for you. Pat says What was it you needed today? See the difference its not very big. Where are those seeking a smile and a heart . I miss my mom. Lied a out of herContinue reading “Are people just for filling holes in others life?”

Like Vampires but not exactly

Well my sister is ill so its me writing and reading, its ok producing content is good.One day I will partake of life again then ‘Watchout!’ For me life consists of zooming through video and camera and books at Wally World and going to Depot in Decorah. The only interesting thing I viewed today wasContinue reading “Like Vampires but not exactly”


Control captures the heart of a narcississ. From youth humans are conditioned like rats in a maze. Ring that bell be directed to the left. See a hole, see body fall through human turns opposote direction. My half sister daughter of a man who beat our mom. When Lee Hartly(California) married Marian Bittenger(Spencer,Iowa) they movedContinue reading “Control”

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