‘Your’e not the boss of me!:

Today I nearly said to my kitten, Last night I became less important, Hanging with her new family, Sleeping on Sherry’s bed, Being with the big kids, Last night I took Chester against her will at three am, It had dropped to fiftish two degrees, Deposited my baby in the TV room, Threw her screamsContinue reading “‘Your’e not the boss of me!:”

My mom

Mom,Marian D.Heike, Born November forth nineteen twenty-seven Spencer Iowa at home, To Clarence Ward Bittenger of Webb,Iowa and Lottie Henrietta Starky four grade school teacher,middle child. Went to school in Spencer,Iowa, Married briefly to a bully,a wife beater,mothered a daughter,divorced Lee H after two year of being brutally beaten in California,Diana Lee was a yearContinue reading “My mom”

Over my heart

For three nights, All night long, All night, All night long, Lost second weakest kitten, The third is sister to the three I saved in the fall, Life forms enter our worlds, Briefly touch us, My heart reaches out, In a wink they are gone, That”s so unfair, I don’t regret having the honor ofContinue reading “Over my heart”

What a card?

Must be male, Can’t wait to shove cat food all over the floor, My spell check starts the wrong word before I’m done, What a card use to refer to a joker, Not in a deck, A person who imagined what they did was humorous, Things dad did were funny older on life only toContinue reading “What a card?”

Smart little kid

Red long fluffy hair, Though I wad just told not to put saline in eyes the eyes have healed. I always use saline in my eyes, A wee bit of salt literally knock outs out toxin, Face is still matted with pussie gunk, I was told a warm wet wash cloth and lots of timeContinue reading “Smart little kid”

Three kittens

Different moms, Two black and white, One long haired orange, Landlord said take them to Val, What do you think of that, Made my day, Sold another book, Nice too, But kittens, That gives me three books sold, Three more furry loves, https://www.tiktok.com/@valwhitewolfmedia/video/7094682176444452142?_r=1&u_code=dmem3mj7h356i4&preview_pb=0&language=en&_d=dmem44k1b69926&share_item_id=7094682176444452142&source=h5_m&timestamp=1651922352&user_id=7048852354673935365&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAA73_FBK0rB6OrbE7OZ2b5y_MEP6TzIKh2FX61VwGsHyE3A_3gPOpVs8lo7o0nZHYa&utm_source=copy&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=android&share_iid=7094284575061722926&share_link_id=d94f4265-31a6-48bf-b51d-1fc5a6b350cf&share_app_id=1233&ugbiz_name=Main

Buried beneath

My three youngest kitties mom, Main coon in Pete’s shed, Second safest place here in Quasqueton,Iowa, Tucked her new litter in a shed full of debris, In the back sort of in a hole, Pete and his son are dilligently working to find the family, Growing and squirming, To keep them safe from humans whoContinue reading “Buried beneath”

Sadie between my legs

No,not being rude, Sadie is one if my young females, Sadies in heat, Never in sixty-four years have I known a cat to walk through my legs, Its scary, Annoying, I scream and yes swear, Need to get four little beauties fixed, Sadie is the leader of that pack, I know she is miserable, IContinue reading “Sadie between my legs”


No one understands books laying, My Sophie cat thinks books laying are steps, Precious thinks me playing cards on smartphone of no interest, Still Precious head needs to be in my face, What is it with butts, Sometimes the babies want to snuggle, Not with me but with the oldest female, Miss Emily will washContinue reading “Cats,”


Sing loud, Sing proud, Octave, Shreek, Not a song, Audible annoyingly loud, Scream, Claws up, Claws down my only good chair, Going to stop that, Want long life, So I will think schreek but Squirt! Swear = Squirt, Gonna try,

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